January 13, 2022

National House Plant Week

Happy New Year BearFolk! Now that we have taken down our trees and festive decorations, it’s starting to look a bit bare. We know that New Year’s resolutions are famously hard to keep, but we have one super easy one to stick with – getting more nature in your life!

In dark months like January, it can be easy to fall in to a bit of a post-Christmas slump. It’s no secret that lots of people are seeking ways to boost their mood in these grey times. We also wrote a blog on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) last year, feel free to check it out - here. But this year we are focusing on the excitement that is National House Plant Week, created by David Domoney.


Why Do We Love Plants So Much?

Living with, and tending to plants can bring so much happiness and pride. It’s like having a pet to take care of, and especially with the events of the last few years, plants have helped so many cope with loneliness and isolation.

So many of us live who live in the city and don’t have access to a garden, rely on plants for their daily dose of connecting with nature. David Domoney talks about how stepping away from our screens and enjoying ‘green breaks’ to tend to our houseplants is incredible for our wellbeing.

Not only that, they brighten up a room no end and create such a pleasant atmosphere. We love seeing our Instagram feed full of beautiful homes containing glorious monsteras and dangling devil’s ivy. We found out from David that the average Brit spends up to £300 a year on house plants, and this is much higher amongst 18-24 year olds.


Plants in Your Office Can Help Productivity

Studies have shown that plants can increase productivity by up to 15%. They bring positivity to stressful working environments and have been proven to boost creativity. Have you considered adding some leafy greens to your office space? You can connect with nature on a daily basis and enhance your mood all in one.


Plants are Good for Our Health

Did you know there are lots of different plants that actually purify the air we breathe? In winter we tend to have our windows constantly closed, therefore we don’t get much air circulating the house. House plants can absorb harmful toxins and prompt this circulation and air movement. Some of our favourites are:

- Snake plant

- The Chinese evergreen

- The spider plant

- English and devils ivy

- Peace lily

- Golden pothos



Plants Can Help you sleep


It’s true! Immersing yourself some natural smells can help you drift off into an equally natural sleep. Here’s some of our favourites:

- Jasmine is a beautiful plant with small white flowers that gives off a sweet relaxing scent which is known to help anxiety and improve sleep quality.

- Valerian plants have been used for centuries to cure insomnia, the scent of the root helps induce sleep.

- Lavender is a classic fragrance for relaxation. It’s been proven to lower heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels. Be careful with overwatering this one though!


Plants Can Teach Us So Much about Mindfulness

Just thinking about plants is an amazing way to zone into our present and give us perspective on life. Plants grow in response to their environment, and need nourishment from light, food and water, just like us. Being kind to a plant teaches us to be kind to ourselves, and helps us recognise that growth is a process that takes time.


Paws For Thought

In a fast paced, urban life, we can forget to stop and enjoy the little things in life. Plants can teach us about appreciating the natural world we live in. An appreciation for house plants not only helps us be productive, brighten our day and help us sleep, it also inspires us to value nature and not take it for granted so we can understand how truly important it is to us.

So, thanks to the fab National House Plant week and we hope you enjoy getting cosy at home next to your favourite house plant, wearing the cosy Alder Zip Neck Jumper, and drifting off into nature. And don’t forget to keep your feet warm with our Organic Cotton Socks.

Head to David Domoney’s website to read more about National House Plant Week!