September 20, 2021

Absolutely Bear X Live Frankly

We have some exciting news to share! Absolutely Bear is now featured on the Live

Frankly directory and we couldn’t be more excited to rub shoulders with some incredible, independent and sustainable brands.   

If you haven’t heard of Live Frankly… then where have you been?!

Live Frankly is a genuinely good lifestyle guide, giving us quick and easy access to ethical brands who prove that sustainable doesn’t mean sacrifice.

The online hub helps us understand what exactly sustainability is and guides us towards the best fashion, beauty and food brands to support our journey to a more sustainable future.


You can also browse their articles and read up on current events, such as the UK’s eco energy scandal and being aware of greenwashing and learning how to spot brands that might not be as genuinely sustainable as they might claim. The articles give you all the information so that you can make your own informed decisions about being a conscious consumer. To put it simply, they just want us all to make choices that make us feel better and to inspire action!

One of the things that we love about the platform is that they value their honesty above all and aim to give unbiased views. They are completely transparent about everything, including their funding, their goals, and how they measure their impact. All of this information can be found on their about page.


The directory is run by Lizzie Rivera, a pioneer for sustainability, equality and doing her bit for our planet. Her theory is simple: every day we have a choice. We get to choose who makes our clothes and who farms our food. The way we spend our money reflects the world that we want to live in, so Lizzie and the team want to help make our choices count.

We are absolutely honoured to be included in their work, as we have been fans for a while.

Lizzie says:

"We set up Live Frankly to cut through the greenwashing that surrounds sustainability and report on what's really happening with honesty and transparency.

“The fun and most visible part of our job is to seek out the best food, fashion and beauty products – and make it easier to find genuinely sustainable brands with our Live Frankly Directory". 

“The more serious part of our job happens behind the scenes and involves reading a lot of CSR/impact reports and talking to all types of experts. We find this fun, too! Honestly.

“There are many brilliant people who are doing business differently and better, and we’re creating a platform for their many voices to be heard. For years, we have been growing our networks on the fringes of fashion and beauty, food and farming. It’s a refreshing and optimistic place and we’re excited to bring this thinking more into the mainstream."



We find this platform incredibly valuable for communities of like minds to come together and find each other. We as smaller brands need to band together to form a stronger voice and amplify each other’s messages of a more ethical and sustainable future. Check us out on the Live Frankly site, and tell a friend, the more people that know about the platform – the better!