October 25, 2021

Men’s Sustainable Clothing Highlight: The Atlas Navy Organic Hoodie

Made from 100% certified organic cotton, our Atlas organic hoodie in navy is a sustainable wardrobe staple this Autumn/Winter. Whenever you wear the bear, you’re doing your bit to save the planet and put the environment first. That’s why we thought we’d share a bit more about what goes into making our sustainable clothing, and how every piece of organic clothing you buy helps protect and preserve our planet.

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“The Atlas Navy Hoodie is a must for any man's wardrobe. It's a premium weighted hoodie, that effortlessly merges casual and smart. Made from 100% organic cotton, it's a sustainable wardrobe essential, perfect for layering, and one of our best selling styles all year round.”

Nick Fletcher, Founder of Absolutely Bear


The Atlas organic hoodie - Key features

Irresistibly soft

Organic hoodies should be comfortable, stylish and timeless. You’ll be reaching for your hoodie again and again in the colder months, and just because your hoodie is organic and sustainable, doesn’t mean it needs to cut corners on comfort and style. The great thing about using organic materials to make our clothing is the guaranteed comfort thanks to the soft cotton fibres. By removing the harmful pesticides that are used to speed up the growing process (to manufacture more clothing at a faster rate, essentially), organic cotton production retains the naturally soft fibres that help make organic cotton clothing so comfortable.


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Durable and long-lasting

The delicate, soft fibres are not only far kinder to your skin, the delicate fibres retain their natural qualities, too. These qualities help to keep you feeling snug and warm, and also last far longer than fast-fashion items, as the strength of the natural fibres is retained. This is what makes organic clothing so durable and long-lasting.


Timeless design

We’ve spent time designing a stylish hoodie that is our take on a classic staple. Our Atlas organic hoodie features a standard zip design, drawstring hood, and is a regular fit, so is the perfect item to layer. The zip-up design means you can keep warm or keep casual for warmer days and can be thrown on and layered easily with a t-shirt to lounge around your home.


Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) accredited fabric

So what is exactly is GOTS accredited fabric? Well, the GOTS label means that our organic hoodie is accredited by a global organisation that is voluntary to be a part of, but in our eyes, is incredibly important! It’s a global certified standard that considers all aspects of the production process, to ensure a piece of clothing is made to the highest standards using organic processes wherever possible. From raw material processing to manufacturing to packaging labelling and distribution, GOTS accredited clothing gets the ‘seal of approval’ that ensures environmentally and social responsibility has been considered at every turn.


Practical, popular colours

Our organic cotton hoodies are available in a range of sought-after colours, for the ideal Autumn/Winter staple hoodie that you use again and again. Our subtle shades such as black and navy mean you can pair our organic cotton hoodies with anything. You’ll find yourself wearing the bear again and again.

Premium quality - weight (280gsm)

What does this mean? A GSM measurement basically refers to grams per metre squared, with the greater the number, the better quality the garment. For thicker clothes to keep you warm in winter, you should aim to look for garments no thinner than 250gsm, to ensure your hoodie is a suitable thickness for colder days. Our Atlas Organic Cotton hoodie is a premium weight at 280gsm, so you don’t have to worry about keeping warm with this garment.

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Uses 91% less water than conventional cotton

Another reason why we love our organic hoodies is that they use far less water than conventional, non-organic clothing. A whopping 91% less water, in fact. That’s a pretty substantial amount and just goes to show what can be achieved if you think about it. Being a conscious consumer isn’t as hard as it used to be, and with stylish, organic clothing helping to reduce our carbon footprint so easily, it’s not hard to see why so many people are choosing to wear the bear.


What about packaging?

Out stainable packaging is just another way we reduce our carbon footprint. Using only recyclable materials that are plastic-free and plant-based, our packaging is made from 100% FSC certified brown paper packaging. Made in the UK, our sustainable packaging is 100 % reusable, recyclable and compostable, we’ve thought of everything. We also use a water-based adhesive, so your organic hoodie will be making its way to you in the most sustainable way.


How does organic cotton use less water?

Growing cotton accounts for 69% of the water footprint of textile fibre production, and using the organic growing process to manufacture cotton reduces the amount of water used by 91%. This is because organic soils require less irrigation, and as 80% of the land that produces organic cotton is located in areas with naturally heavy rainfall, less water is needed. The water conservation techniques used by organic farmers helps to conserve water too, which all helps to lower the amount of water used.

From rainwater harvesting to growing seed varieties that are drought resistant, and good soil management, organic farming is the way forward for conserving water. By removing the pesticides from the growing process, water pollution is eradicated from the process, too, which is great for the surrounding communities where the cotton is grown. You can read more about how water is used in organic production in this report from the Soil Association.

Want to learn more about sustainability? Read more about our sustainability pledge here.

Shop the Atlas hoodie today, available in both navy and black to suit a range of styles, or explore our wide range of organic cotton hoodies here.


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