October 13, 2021

The Best Autumnal Walks in London

Happy October! Although we are sad that summer is over, there is so much to look forward to in our new season. Possibly the most beautiful and evocative of the four seasons is upon us.  

As you know, here at Absolutely Bear, we are always looking for ways to connect with nature, feel the benefits of nature and shout about how much nature can play a role in positive mental health. Last year we wrote an article about how to lift your mood from the winter blues. One of the ways we like to relieve stress when life throws a few curve balls is to get some fresh air, move our bodies and take in some incredible autumnal scenes.



We still find ourselves shocked every single year at the beauty of autumn. The world suddenly becomes atmospheric and the trees gleam with autumn flare. The changes to our environment and fallen leaves on the ground make for spectacular sights and special autumnal walks with friends. Take some time to enjoy the wonders of our planet and b r e a t h e.

So many of us have grown up in the countryside and made the move to towns and cities like London to build careers and this can be a big change for people and tough on our mental health. It’s so important to stay connected with nature despite being far away from wide-open spaces. It’s good for our health and it’s incredible for our mind.

Spending time appreciating nature can also help our journey to choose more sustainable options, and shop ethically, as we feel more appreciative of the world around you.

So we decided to put together a list of some of the best places to go for autumnal walks in London, where BEAR HQ is located. Even though this city is densely populated, there are still so many pockets of beauty on offer.


1. Richmond Park

The first on this list just had to be Richmond Park – an absolute paradise this time of year. We can almost guarantee you will find every hue of orange, gold and brown. There is truly nothing more breathtaking than spotting stags against the low autumn sun.

Did you know…

Richmond Park made it to number 8 in the research we conducted earlier in the year to find out the “Most Instagrammed Nature Spots” – have a read here to find more inspiration.


2. Regents Park

What better way to spend the day than wandering around Camden Markets enjoying street food before meandering over to Regents Park. It’s incredibly well kept and a beautiful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.


3. Kynance Mews

Buried within the streets of South Kensington you will find these lovely little mews. In autumn it can truly look like a fairytale. The walls are covered in Virginia Creeper which glows a vibrant red in these months.


4. Chelsea embankment

A classic example of nature is being all around us – all we have to do is look around. The embankment is always beautiful, but add some crisp golden leaves it becomes a breath-taking scene. Take a seat, look across the river and enjoy being present in the moment.


5. Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath and the added bonus of The Pergola and Hill Gardens. You could spend hours wandering around getting lost in these woods. Hampstead Heath has it all: thick forest areas, viewpoints and open spaces. Even ponds for swimming if you are feeling adventurous.



6. Brompton Cemetery

Brompton Cemetery is a well-known space and a popular destination for tourists as it has many well-known names. It is nestled amongst some gorgeous trees that boast some beautiful colours.


7. Horse Guards Parade

This location can be found in St James’ Park and is where Trooping the Colour takes every June. It’s also home to some of the most photogenic autumnal walls covered in all the hues of the season.


8. Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is home to some spectacular sights. It’s a wild botanical garden with more than 500 acres of woodland so you can guarantee your October feeling fix. Head to their website for tickets and prices.

Did you know? Kew Gardens was the 4th Most Instagrammed Nature Spot.


9. Kyoto Gardens

Kyoto Gardens. These gardens were a gift to London from the Chamber of Commerce in Kyoto back in 1991. Enjoy the koi carp in the ponds along with the stunning orange leaves.


10. Clissold Park

Grab a coffee from the beautiful café and wander around visiting the animals. They have birds, goats and a herd of fallow deer. It’s also a great place to watch the skateboarders! And of course – it has some incredible trees.


11. St Dunstan in the East

These church ruins are a small haven in East London. Enjoy the old stained-glass windows combined with the stunning leaves make for a great photo opportunity. So many creatives come here for shoots!


Despite the cold, these months often bring bright crisp blue skies in the morning and lovely sunny afternoons. So be sure to get outside and enjoy the leaves while you still can.

Hope everyone has an incredible autumn!