December 9, 2021

Why Is It Important To Support Small Businesses This Christmas?

Merry Christmas BearFolk! We wish you all the best for the festive season of

2021. Have you been shopping with independent brands for your presents? We decided to do a little round up of all our favourite reasons to shop small this year, followed by some of our top picks of presents and who to buy them for.

We love to shop small because…


It’s better for the environment. 

The majority of independent brands have a much smaller carbon footprint than the big companies. With all the shipping, packaging and waste, you are better off buying from brands that are much smaller and don’t buy in GIANT quantities. Local businesses tend to be more invested in the world around them, rather than cutting corners to save money.



Small brands often have more ethical practices

Did you know, that when you return clothes that you have bought online from a fast fashion brand, the clothes are not sold on again? Typically, they end up in landfill or are incinerated. causing huge amounts of pollution to the planet. The reason for doing this is that the garment is made with such cheap materials and labour, it’s more economical for the manufacturer to dispose of the item than it is to clean and resell. This is often the case with SO many of the fast fashion brands we know and love. Small businesses like ours, however, value their items much more, which means we take care of every single garment.


You’ll receive a better service

No waiting around for a customer service bot to get back to you! We value our relationship with our customers so highly, and we will go above and beyond to personalise your experience as much as possible. Small businesses are customer orientated and understand the needs of the community. As we mentioned earlier, we aim to connect city folk with nature, which is why our partnership with Trees For Cities is so important to us.

Also, we are always available to offer more detailed questions about our practices and the products we sell and are 100% transparent about where our items are made. If you would like to read more about this head to Bear Factories to learn more.


You are supporting a lifelong dream

When Absolutely Bear began, one of our main goals was to connect urban folk with nature. We wanted to do this by providing them with a brand that’s ethical, sustainable and contributes to protecting the planet. When we see our customers wearing the bear with pride, it makes us so happy that we are achieving this dream. Do you think the huge brands feel overwhelmed with happiness with every order they get? Well, we do! And we know that all small brands do as well.

Are you looking for more ways to shop small this Christmas? We understand it can be difficult to even find brands to support when they don’t have the biggest advertising budgets and so often we are only bombarded with huge brands. Check out our Ethical Christmas Clothing Guide to learn more about sustainable fashion. We also share some of our favourite ethical brands to support, along with our top picks for ethical bloggers for inspiration.


Gift Ideas from Absolutely Bear 

When it comes to buying a gift this year, giving your loved ones a present that is ethical and sustainable is the perfect way to show you care. You can also use this opportunity for some gentle activism. Educate your friends and family about organic cotton and where their clothes might be coming from. Here’s a few suggestions for ethical gifts from us to get the ball rolling:


Secret Santa gifts

For Secret Santa gifts for colleagues – we suggest you check out our accessories page. We have socks and beanies to keep them cosy this winter, as these socks are so soft, their feet will be in heaven! Read more about it here in our Sustainable Accessories Highlight.


For the city dweller

For your smart corporate brother in law who works in the city, you simply cannot go wrong with the Oxford Blue Organic Cotton Shirt. It’s perfect for a day at the office and then after-work drinks.


For the adventurer

For your outdoorsy friends, we reckon you check out our backpacks. Our Cedar Canvas Backpacks come in black, sand and navy. They carry 19 litres, have padded straps and are complete with a padded laptop compartment. Perfect for weekend breaks.


The all-rounder gift

For all mankind, we recommend you check out our range of ethical hoodies. We have recently released some stylish new colours. One of our favourites is our Evergreen Organic Cotton, but if you click the link you can browse styles and colours.


For your other half

Boyfriends always appreciate a new t-shirt whatever time of year. You can’t go wrong with a classic staple like the Aspen White Organic Cotton T-Shirt. It’s just right for everyday wear.


Let them choose!

And finally, for your indecisive friends who always return their items – we do Gift Cards! Click the link, choose the amount and gift to a friend. Nothing says Merry Christmas like giving them the gift of choice.


Merry Christmas from all of us at team AB, we hope it’s bear-y lovely.



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