September 21, 2021

Best sustainable t-shirts for those with sensitive skin


For those with sensitive skin, there’s nothing worse than a scratchy t-shirt. It can irritate the skin, cause discomfort at night, and can trigger skin conditions such as eczema due to allergic reactions. Other conditions such as polyester allergy can react with t-shirt material, meaning that it can be uncomfortable to wear everyday clothes if you’re not clothing.


What is the best clothing for sensitive skin?


The best clothing for sensitive skin is clothing that’s made from natural materials. Organic cotton is the best option, as it is grown without toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. The way the material is manufactured means the clothing will be kind to your skin, leaving it cooler at night, and far less itchy overall.  For knitwear, organic knitwear is also the better option, as traditional manufacturing methods to make knitwear means the wool will be scratchy on your skin. Merino wool offers a soft, luxurious feel that’s warm and comfortable without causing irritation.  

Luckily, there are plenty of options out there that can offer relief to sensitive skin, with soft, nourishing fibres that leave your skin feeling far less itchy. As a rule of thumb, when looking for clothing that’s good for sensitive skin, look for all-natural materials. As well as organic cotton, bamboo is another well known natural fibre that’ll work well. Remove any labels or tags that could rub against your skin, too.


Absolutely Bear’s top picks


Aspen black organic cotton sustainable t-shirt 


Our black organic cotton sustainable t-shirt is a stylish and comfortable fit, and the lightweight cotton fabric means it’s completely breathable, ideal if you have sensitive skin. It’ll become a wardrobe staple, and the signature embroidered bear makes it the perfect base layer, whatever you’re up to.

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                                                                             White Organic cotton sustainable t-shirt with logo



Our range of organic cotton sustainable t-shirts means you can enjoy lasting comfort even on casual days. Those with sensitive skin don’t have to miss out on stylish staples, as our sustainable t-shirt with logo is ideal for days out or evenings out, leaving you looking good and feeling good whatever the occasion.

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Sand All-Rounder bear organic cotton sustainable t-shirt 


Our subtle sand coloured sustainable t-shirt is the perfect summer staple, that looks great and is soft on your skin. The softer cotton fibres mean you’ll be comfortable and cool all day, and the subtle colour means you’ll wear this again and again.

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Aspen navy organic cotton sustainable t-shirt



Our navy organic t-shirt is GOTS certified, and the lightweight fitted design offers a flattering look no matter the occasion. Our sustainable t-shirts are kind to skin and kind to the environment too, thanks to our ethical processes. What’s not to love?

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Organic cotton embroidered t-shirts 


Our range of organic cotton embroidered sustainable t-shirts is perfect for any occasion. A stylish and comfortable fit, our sustainable t-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton, meaning your skin is protected by soft fibres all day long. All our t-shirts are machine washable and are PETA vegan certified too, so you’ll feel good and look good.

Our manufacturing methods ensure that our sustainable t-shirts are not only kind to your skin, but kind to the environment, as we use 91% less water than conventional methods.

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Why not try…

Oak scarlet red sustainable polo shirt

A stylish pop of colour, made from soft organic cotton for long-lasting comfort all day. What’s not to love?

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Oak navy sustainable polo shirt


Our very own take on a signature style, our navy organic cotton polo shirt will keep you cool and comfy all day long, with our soft fabric kind to your skin, and kind to the environment.

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Fabrics to avoid if you have sensitive skin


Reactions from clothing can be caused by clothing finished with formaldehyde, which can be found in dyes, glues, chemical additives and tanning agents.  Clothing to avoid includes polyester, latex, and any synthetic materials. Rayon, nylon, rubber, polyester and acrylic are other materials that are best to avoid. Look for certifications on your clothing such as Standard 100 OEKO- TEX, which ensures the company hasn’t used any toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers to make the fabric.

You can read more about Absolutely Bear’s pledge to sustainability here, and explore our entire collection of sustainable clothing here.  


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