September 20, 2021

Ethical Fashion Trends for Summer

With summer just around the corner, thoughts are fast turning to key pieces to add to your wardrobe for a stylish summer look. With weekend plans filling up thick and fast, thoughts may have turned to your own wardrobe. If you’re missing a few key pieces for summer, but want to be a conscious consumer, one way to easily achieve this is by shopping ethically. This means finding clothing that has been ethically made from sustainable materials. Less a trend, and more a movement for good, there are plenty of stylish options to help get you set for summer.

We explore ethical fashion trends for summer below, so you don’t miss out on the staple sustainable must-haves to bring your style to life.

Before you start booking up pub gardens and planning summer holidays, get clued up on the latest style, from the experts at Absolutely Bear.


Men’s fashion ideas for the pub garden.

A sight for sore eyes, the pub garden is sure to be a popular destination this summer for long-overdue catch-ups over a drink. Whether you’re meeting up with your friends, family, reuniting with old friends, or workmates, there are plenty of options to help you feel relaxed, comfortable and confident.

After months of staying indoors in casual sweats, it’s time to brush up and soak in the sun (and the occasional wind and rain.) Absolutely Bear’s ethical clothing range for men has some absolute staples for the pub garden. Wondering what to wear to a beer garden? Look no further!


We recommend… 

Absolutely Bear organic cotton polo shirt in Scarlet


Absolutely Bear’s organic cotton polo shirt comes in a bright and bold scarlet red. Seen as the most powerful colour, you’re sure to make an impact with this bright colour. Featuring our signature embroidered bear logo, this polo is made from 100% organic cotton, meaning you’ll not only look good, but you’ll feel good! The organic manufacturing process means no pesticides are used when growing the cotton, which is better for the environment, and better for your skin. Our organic polo shirts feel soft to the touch and are far kinder to the skin, with the natural fibres making for a far more natural fit.

We recommend pairing this with:

-       Light coloured trousers

One reason why we love this bright colour so much is that it can be perfectly paired with subtle - coloured trousers and still look stylish. Depending on the kind of pub you’re going to, you can dress down this polo with light coloured jeans, or dress it up with navy or stone-coloured chinos. Whatever trousers you’re wearing with it, let the polo shirt do the talking!

-       Suitable shoes

For a chilled out, casual, relaxed look, we recommend pairing a polo shirt and jeans combo with trainers. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated look, opt for your smart shoes such as suede brogues or boat shoes. You can now find ethical men’s trainers that are made from sustainable materials to complete your summer look with ease.



Men’s fashion ideas for the beach. 

If you’re heading to the beach this summer, you’ll want to keep your cool and look the part. If you’re planning to take a stroll, play some games or relax at a beach cafe, you’ll need something to throw on that’s comfortable and simple. The British weather is known to be unpredictable, so if you find yourself bracing the elements on a beach walk, then going topless won’t exactly be an option.

Need some tips for what to wear to the beach? Absolutely Bear has got you covered. 

We recommend… 

Absolutely Bear organic cotton white logo shirt  


Keep your cool in our white logo t-shirt, made from organic cotton. This bold logo print offers the perfect casual look for a day of chilling out at the beach. What’s more, even after a dip in the sea you’ll protect your skin with our soft blend of natural fibres. With a simple, stylish look and luxurious feel, you’ll keep your cool all day, no matter what the weather holds. Remember, you can always layer up should you find yourself exposed to the Great British weather!


We recommend pairing this with:

-       Bright coloured chino shorts or board shorts

Make a statement and match this t-shirt with bright coloured shorts that are perfect for the beach. Bold statement colours won’t look out of place, and will pair well with the bright white and bold logo of your t-shirt.

Board shorts are a popular style choice because of their bright colours, surf-inspired designs and comfortable fabrics. We recommend finding board shorts or shorts made from a light but strong material. You’ll likely want to take a dip or get active on the beach, so think practically when you’re looking for a pair to suit your needs.

Top tip: Be sure to look out for the following in swimming shorts:        

-       Drawstring waist or elastic waist for flexibility of wear and ease when dressing

-       A length that suits you (the longer the shorts, the less practical they will be)

-       A strong but comfortable fabric - you’ll want some stretch to the fabric for maximum comfort

Although a lot of board shorts are made (unfortunately) from nylon and polyester, you can find sustainable swimwear brands if you know where to look. Riz make board shorts from sustainable materials and are a fellow member of 1% of the planet. 


As well as the different situations in which different items of clothing can be worn this summer, we also wanted to get some fashion expertise to talk about killer combinations to play with this year.

We teamed up with Sarah Gilfillan, a personal stylist & personal shopper for men at Sartoria Lab, and asked her a few key questions regarding what she thinks will be big this summer season.


What colours do you think will be big in the summer season of 2021? 

“The colours I'm seeing a lot of in the shops at the moment are dusty pink, tan, mustard and lilac, plus green in all shades. The 1970s are influencing menswear and I see this coming through in the colours as well as some of the fabrics like towelling and seersucker, which I remember from when I was a teenager!” 


Are you seeing any styles returning from previous years?

“As well as the 70s influence, I can also see lots of the 90s fashion coming back with much looser, boxier styles, cargo pants, wider leg trousers, long-sleeved t-shirts layered under short-sleeved ones, and bucket hats. Everything is definitely moving away from the skinny silhouette we've seen in fashion for so long, to a much baggier looser one.”

What styles are you seeing that you haven’t seen before?

“I don't think there's that much I haven't seen before as fashion goes round and round in cycles! On a particularly hot day last week though, I did notice at least 4 men wearing dresses and skirts, so perhaps we'll see more of that? There's also a lot of new technical fabrics - to keep you cool or warm, or to make the garment super lightweight, stretchy and uncrushable.”

Sarah wanted to experiment with our Aspel Camel Organic Cotton T-shirt, to show her favourite combos to work with. Can you beat some of these looks for creativity?


Sports cap  


If you’re going to catch the sun anywhere, it’s going to be at the beach! That’s why we recommend you find a sports cap to keep you protected from the sun. Because the beach is a wide-open space, your exposure to the sun’s UV rays (which can damage the skin and reduce layers of melanin) are greatly increased. The suns rays are also more intense as they’re reflected off the water and the sand. Even if it looks to be a windy day, you could be a victim of windburn, so stay protected and find a stylish sports cap to add to your outfit.

Why not try…

Brushed Cotton Cap in Red 

So the next natural question to ask….. what shoes should I wear to the beach?

-       Flip flops

The perfect accompaniment to any beach trip, flip flops are the next best thing to bare feet on the beach. If you enjoy the feel of sand on your toes but want to protect your feet from any unwanted cuts or infections, flip flops are for you. You can quickly remove them with ease should you fancy a dip. They’re perfect for wet feet, requiring no laces or straps so you can quickly take them off and on. What’s more, you can easily find a style or colour combination to suit any outfit.

-       Comfortable sandals

If you need an option that’s a little more practical than flip flops, then sturdy but comfortable sandals are the way to go. You can find some in neutral colours such as stone, dark brown or neutral sand to blend in with your beach look


-       Practical trainers

If neither flip flops, nor sandals floats your boat, then we recommend wearing trainers. You can find practical, stylish trainers that are perfect for the beach, but we wouldn’t recommend wearing your favourite pair. They will likely get very sandy and may pick up dirt quite easily depending on the terrain, so stick to a more practical pair if you can.



What to wear to the beach when it’s cold

If the weather isn’t looking too special for your trip to the beach, then our t-shirt is easy to layer with a comfortable hoodie or sweatshirt and light rain mac. Layers are key, as this will keep out the elements but allow you to strip a layer quickly should the weather improve.

Men’s fashion ideas for the summer BBQ

You may be heading to a close friend, or visiting family for a BBQ. Perhaps it’s a work social; regardless of the setting, you’ll want to get your style spot on. It may be a relaxed and chilled out BBQ, or a sophisticated civilised affair where you’ll want to look the part.  

We’ve put together a few looks for you so you can head to your next BBQ feeling calm and confident.


We recommend… 

Our Oakley Navy organic cotton polo shirt

Our stylish Oakley Navy blue organic polo shirt is the perfect pick for a BBQ. This classic colour with our signature bear gives just the right vibes for a BBQ, without going overboard. The classic polo shirt collar offers a smarter look than a t-shirt alone.

We recommend pairing this with…

Chino shorts

Chino shorts are the perfect match for this polo shirt. We suggest a subtle colour, such as light blue or grey. You can go for a smarter colour such as stone depending on the type of BBQ you’re going to. Tailored chino shorts are smart enough for a summer bbq, adding a little style to your look to prevent you from looking too casual. 

Sandals or Trainers

You may be wondering which shoes to wear to a BBQ. Sandals are a good choice if you want a more casual look if the weathers particularly warm. Otherwise, pair your polo shirt and chinos with a pair of simple sneakers in a light colour, such as white or grey. These will be comfortable, and as long as they’re not old and scuffed will offer the perfect smart casual look you’re after. Trainers are a stylish comfortable choice and will complete your summer BBQ look.

Hoodie or sweatshirt

Although the British summer may be just around the corner, one thing you may not be able to predict is the weather! Once the sun goes in, you’ll want to layer out to prevent a chill. Be sure to pack a super comfy and soft hoodie or sweatshirt to throw on when it gets a little chilly. Good quality hoodies and sweatshirts will keep you warm and comfortable long into the night if you end up chatting long into the night around an outdoor heater.


For a family day out 

Day out ideas:

-       Sightseeing

-       Waterpark

-       Zoo

-       Theme park

-       Castle

-       Tree climb adventure

As most people know, a day out can keep you on your toes. You’ll need to dress practically, and even bring a change of clothes if you’re getting up to activities that could compromise your look.

Whatever you’re getting up to with your family, Absolutely Bear has got you covered. 

We recommend...

Organic cotton navy logo t-shirt

You’ll look up for adventure no matter what you get up to in our cotton navy logo t-shirt, complete with a graphic screen print of our brand.

The soft, durable cotton will keep you comfortable and cool, with high-quality material to get you through the day. Plus, it comes in a smart navy that is easy to dress up or down, either with jeans, chinos, or shorts depending on the nature of your day out.

Family day out: What to wear - style tips

-       If you’re headed to a water park or theme park, avoid wearing white as water will make your top see through pretty quickly.

-       Make sure your trousers or shorts have good strong pockets, otherwise, keep all your valuables in a secure bag to prevent you from losing or damaging them.



We recommend pairing this with…

Sturdy jeans or shorts

A good pair of high-quality jeans are the best choice for a family day out. It’s important to wear trousers that are comfortable but made from a sturdy material to avoid ripping and damage. Depending on the type of day out, you may find yourself moving around a lot, getting wet, or sitting on seats or rides. You’ll ideally avoid material that could cause friction burn. If you are wearing shorts, aim for cargo shorts with secure pockets made out of thick material.

Practical trainers

Family days out usually require a lot of walking, so make sure you wear a pair of sturdy and practical trainers or walking shoes. You want to avoid your feet rubbing against the shoe, so a pair of thick socks is also advised. Slip-on trainers may be ideal if you’ll be taking them off throughout the day, otherwise, the velcro will avoid constant stops to check your laces are still tied.

Top tip: Why not read our guide to packing a backpack? Make sure you don’t forget anything with our article How to Pack your Backpack: 2021 Edition.

And there you have it! The ultimate guide to ethical fashion trends for summer. For the latest in ethical men’s clothing and fashion, look no further than Absolutely Bear. We’ve got your back. 



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