September 16, 2021

How To Fold Hoodies

Keeping your clothes organised seems as though it should be a simple task. All too often, though, you can end up in a disorganised mess, with perfectly decent clothes crumpled or creased. Not only does this leave you looking less sharp than you might like but it can also leave you with more clothes than you have storage for. 

When it comes to organising clothes, hanging up shirts and folding t-shirts is an easy enough feat. One that stumps a few people? How to fold hoodies! Often our best friend when we want to chill out on colder days or throw something casual together, hoodies can be a bulky addition to any wardrobe. 

We love our hoodies at Absolutely Bear, so we’ve put together a simple guide on how to fold hoodies in a way that keeps them neat and tidy, leaves you with more space, and keeps your clothes storage organised.


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How to fold a hoodie 


- Always start with a flat, smooth surface.

- Lay your hoodie out on the chosen surface on its front, so the back of the hoodie faces upwards.

- Fold both arms into the centre so they both fit within the hoodie hem. This might mean folding back the cuffs twice to keep them in the required space.

- Now, bring in each side of the hoodie inwards, folding them to meet in the middle. This will reduce the width of the hoodie considerably.

- Take the bottom of the hoodie and fold it upwards twice so it is folded on top of the hood.

- If you want to get really clever, you can then take the edges of the hood and bring them up and around the folded hoodie to keep the fold even tighter!

Top Tip: We recommend ironing out any creases before you start, to avoid further creasing when you fold it. We also recommend making sure the folds are clean and neat. This ensures your hoodie will fold down as compactly as possible.


Organising your hoodies 


If you have a bit of a hoodie collection, folding them with the above technique should leave you with plenty of space. You can place your folded hoodies neatly in a drawer. If your hoodie has a zip, always make sure it is zipped up before you fold your hoodie, so it is as neat as possible. 


Is it better to fold or hang hoodies?


It may be best to fold your hoodie and store it in a drawer if you have the option. This is because hoodies can be stretched from being hung up. Folding puts far less stress on the materials. It also depends on the fabric of the hoodies as better quality, thicker and often sturdier fabric can be hung or folded. 


How do I organise my hoodie in my wardrobe? 


Depending on the time of year, where you organise and store your hoodie may differ. In winter months, place it in a place that is easy to access, such as a top drawer. Don’t place your hoodie at the very bottom of the drawer in the winter, as if you’re wearing it a lot, this causes more work for yourself!

In the summer months, you can store your hoodie either on a higher shelf in your wardrobe or place the folded hoodie at the back of a drawer, as you’ll certainly need it less.  


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Saving space in your wardrobe 


There are plenty of ways to save space in your wardrobe, from having a clear-out to folding your clothes neatly. If you’re still short on space, one idea is to update your wardrobe based on each season. This avoids your wardrobe becoming cluttered with winter clothes in the summer, and summer clothes getting in the way in the middle of winter. If you have attic space, or storage under your bed, for instance, this can be the perfect place to stow away clothes that are out of season and won’t be worn. Heavier, bulky garments for winter can be brought out in the autumn, and your lighter summer clothes can be put away to allow for more space. 


How to shrink hoodies 


If you want to shrink your hoodie, there are certainly ways that you can! Approach this with caution as it will be near impossible to get your hoodie back to its original shape once it has shrunk. We recommend you try to shrink it gradually, as you can always shrink it further if needed, rather than diving in at the deep end and making it too small!

If you’re looking to shrink your hoodie, you have the following options:

- For minimal shrinkage, simply put your hoodie on a higher heat setting (For example, between 40°C - 50 ° C when the label instructs to wash at 30 degrees) in the washing machine. Wash the hoodie on it’s own, and let it air dry afterwards.

- For moderate shrinkage, wash your hoodie on a hot water setting the washing machine, between 50° C to 60° C. Place it in the tumble dryer on a hot heat for further shrinkage, checking it sporadically for the desired effect, and to prevent you shrinking it too much.

- For maximum shrinkage, place your hoodie in very hot, just boiled water. Submerge it completely and let it rest for between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on how much you want to shrink it. Wring out the excess water before placing on a high heat setting in the tumble dryer. Repeat the process to shrink it further. 


How to wash hoodies 


To wash your hoodie, always read the care instructions on the label. This will stipulate if you need to take extra care when washing your hoodie. 

If you want to wash your hoodie and take extra care, we recommend the following:

- Turn the hoodie inside out and zip it up if there’s a zipper.

- Wash your hoodie in the washing machine on a gentle or cold setting around 30°C.

- Avoid using the tumble dryer and let your hoodie dry naturally to avoid any shrinkage.

Taking the above precautions should prevent your hoodie from shrinking, the colour running and for any printed hoodies getting damaged. 

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