September 16, 2021

How to fold polo shirts

How to care for your polo shirt 


Caring for your polo shirt can make sure that it maintains its quality, shape and comfort for years to come. By properly caring for your polo shirts and garments, it will prevent wear and tear, shrinkage, or unnecessary stress on the fabric, which can be easily caused by not following care labels when washing and caring for the item.

All our polo shirts at Absolutely Bear are made from organic cotton, and this high quality, soft and durable fabric offers great comfort, and when properly cared for, your organic cotton polo shirt can remain in top quality condition years after buying it.

Folding polo shirts neatly has a few benefits. For one, it can help it maintain its shape, so it doesn’t become wrinkled or stretched in storage. You can also save a good amount of space in your drawers at home by folding your clothes properly, to save the usual struggle of digging in your drawers to find a clean, ironed shirt!


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How to fold your polo shirt


- Make sure your shirt is washed and ironed before you fold it.

- Do up the buttons of your polo shirt.

- Lay the shirt flat so that the button-side is face down.

- Fold in each sleeve so it is in line with the shirt.

- Fold in each edge of the polo shirt, so they meet in the middle. This will considerably reduce the polo shirt width.

- Now, take the bottom of the shirt and bring it to meet the collar at the top.

- If you need to fold up once more, do so.

- Once you flip it the right way round, your polo shirt will be neatly folded and presented similar to how it is presented on the shop floor. Lovely!


Should I hang or fold my polo shirt? 


You can hang your polo shirt up, but we recommend finding a strong hanger that gives enough support for the garment. Otherwise, you could find the fabric stretches over time. Folding a clean ironed shirt can be the best way to keep it tidy and neat, and avoid any stretching.  

How to wash polo shirts


Washing your polo shirt is simple enough, but the following tips can make sure you take care of your polo shirt.

- Turn your polo shirt inside out before you wash it.

- Make sure you use a gentle detergent, as strong detergents can damage the polo shirt material over time.

- Make sure the buttons are done up.

- Pop the collar of your polo shirt when you wash it, as this helps it retain its shape and prevents curling.

- Wash your polo shirt on a 30 degree cycle.

- Always wash your shirt with similar colours. Red is more likely to run than other colours.

- If you can, it is better to air dry your polo shirt. Place it either on a drying rack or lay it out flat if you have the space to.


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Why is it important to wash colours separately? 


It’s always really important to remember to wash similar colours together. This is because some colours are susceptible to running or ‘bleeding’ when washed in warm water. The dyes can leak, and stain other garments. This is why for example, it’s not a good idea to stick a bright red polo shirt in with your whites. Even if you’re washing at 40°C, the red dye could run, which will ruin your entire wash!


How to pack polo shirts


If you’re low on space, or are planning a long trip away and need to tightly pack your polo shirts, follow these steps:

Rather than folding your polo shirt, you can save even more space by rolling it. To roll your polo shirt, lay it out flat, button side down. Fold in the sleeves, then fold in the sides slightly so they meet in the middle. Roll up the shirt from the bottom all the way to the top.

 Rolling polo shirts in this way is a great way to save space, whether you’re travelling, or just doing a wardrobe sort out!


How to iron a polo shirt 


It's important to always iron a polo shirt before you wear them! The nature of the fit of a polo shirt, and its smart style, means that any wrinkles in your polo shirt will stand out. You could also end up with a curled collar, which can negate from the overall look you want to achieve when wearing your polo shirt. Depending on the occasion, it may be an absolute must to look smart and sophisticated.

You may find your polo shirt needs an iron, even if it has been folded neatly and stored away. Folding can cause slight creases when you get it out to wear, so it’s always best to iron it before you wear it for the day.


Before you start…

Firstly, check the care label to see if there are any particular care instructions. If your polo shirt is 100% cotton, you can iron it on a high heat. If it is a blend, then iron it on a low heat.

Follow these steps to iron a polo shirt:

- Turn your polo shirt inside out.

- Place your polo shirt around the ironing board, so that the board is in the middle.

- Lay the shirt out flat on the ironing board.

- Start by ironing the collar. Press it down and iron over the collar, as you can reshape it later.

- Iron both sides of the polo shirt.

- Remove the shirt from the ironing board and lay it flat.

- Now, iron the sleeves, ensuring they are laid out flat and all edges are ironed.

- Turn the polo shirt the right way around, and fold the collar down to your preferred shape.

- Hang or fold your polo shirt for storage, or, if you’re wearing it, wear it!

If all this reading has got you inspired to add to your polo shirt collection, explore our range of organic cotton men’s polo shirts here.

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