September 16, 2021

How to wear polo shirts with jeans

A classic staple in any man’s wardrobe, the polo shirt offers a stylish and smart look, eponymous with British style. First made popular in the 1920s, polo shirts are still popular today, bringing casual sophistication and comfort to any look. 

At Absolutely Bear our collection of men’s polo shirts are made of organic cotton and are designed to a high-quality standard for the ultimate fit and finish. Read our tips below on how to wear a polo shirt with jeans, features of a polo shirt, and the best style suggestions, whatever the occasion. 

Wearing a polo shirt with jeans 


Find the right length 

Make sure your polo shirt isn’t too long, it should fit nicely and sit no lower than your jean pockets. 

Wear a belt 

Depending on the occasion, wear a belt, so should you need to tuck your polo shirt in, you can tuck it in with ease.

Colour co-ordinate

Depending on the denim colour of your jeans, make sure the colour matches according. Simple colour matches are sometimes the best. For darker denim jean, muted colours and lighter pastels work well. If your jeans are made of lighter denim, then a bright contrasting colour such as scarlet red or deep blue will set it off nicely.



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How to wear polo shirts


Relaxed look

Polo shirts offer a cool, relaxed vibe, and can be dressed down with sweatpants for a chilled out look. If you do opt for a more relaxed look, make sure your shirt is still fitted and ironed, to avoid looking a little unkempt! 

Smart casual 

Offering a smarter look than a simple t-shirt, without the constriction of a dress shirt or long sleeve button-down, polo shirts are a perfect choice. 

For smart-casual vibes, dark jeans or chinos are a great option. Again depending on the occasion, you can wear your polo tucked in for a smarter look. If you are wearing it untucked, be sure the style of shirt is suited for that. Traditionally, polo shirts have a longer back so they can be tucked in comfortably. This is called a tennis tail. If you’re planning on wearing your polo tucked in, this style is a good idea as it offers maximum comfort. Otherwise, matching trim is better for a balanced look. 


A smarter look 


For an even smarter look, then tapered trousers always work well with a fitted and ironed polo shirt. A polo shirt will offer comfort and style, but the straight- edge look that tapered trousers offer means a polo shirt will blend into a smarter setting with ease. Paired with a loose blazer, your polo shirt can offer a polished and sophisticated look without going overboard. Think garden cocktail gathering in the summer, boat party vibes. 


Switch to summer easily 


Wondering how to wear polo shirts in the summer? Pair your polo shirt with jean shorts, cargo shorts or chino shorts easily in the summer. The short sleeves, breathable material and lightweight design make it the perfect accompaniment to any summer outfit. 

Top Tip:  Have a range of different coloured polo shirts, so that whatever type of occasion comes around, you can match the perfect colour with the accompanying shorts or trousers easily. If you do decide to pair your polo shirt with jeans, here are a few things to consider!


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What should I layer my polo shirt with?


You can wear a polo under sweaters or a jumper easily if you need to layer up, but still want to look semi-smart. We recommend a wool blend jumper in a darker colour.  If you stick to a simple palette, then your polo shirt and jumper combination will look effortless. 

Pair your polo shirt with a bomber jacket or Harrington jacket, as these styles match well with the polo shirt style. This combination is great for an easy-going but smart look in the summer months. 


How should a polo fit?


Your polo shirt should be a comfortable fit, but not too loose. You don’t want it to be too tight either. You should be able to fit a finger in between the sleeve and your bicep to ensure your top is fitted nicely but doesn’t swamp you. Wearing anything too tight can give off the wrong look! You want to be able to move around in it comfortably. This will be especially dependent when it comes to the event you’re wearing it to. 


Features of a polo shirt 


- Logo - a sewn-in logo is a must when you’re looking for a high quality, stylish polo shirt. Part of the traditional designs, it adds a touch of sophistication for a smarter look.

- Quality material - by their very nature, polos should offer a comfortable and classy look. Cheaper materials will not only be uncomfortable, but can mean the wearer will sweat more easily, and find the material bunches or wears after a few uses. The better quality the material, the better the garment will look and feel. 

- Strong buttons - good quality buttons are another must-have feature of a polo shirt, as it ensures the collar will stay in place  

- Strong collar  - a strong collar is an important feature for any polo shirt, as this is encompassing with the style and will give a sharper, cleaner look when the buttons are done up. Depending on the occasion, a strong collar can be essential.




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History of polo shirts 


The history of men’s polo shirts harks back to their traditional use as sportswear. Polo Shirts were first used for - you guessed it - polo, and legend has it that the British Army was inspired by the style of polo shirts adopted for polo games in India. In 1862 this style was brought back to England, due to its practical approach to creating a garment suited for activewear. Features such as the structured collar, short sleeves and buttons to loosen in hotter weather, this practical forward-thinking design was soon picked up by designer Rene Lacoste, who wore his own designs at the US Open in 1926. 

Did you know…. The crocodile stitch design was inspired by Lacoste’s nickname - he had a very long nose, and was called crocodile because of this! 

Other designers soon got on the bandwagon, with tennis player Fred Perry and American designer Ralph Lauren capitalising on the popularity of polo shirts. Each with their instantly recognisable emblem, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren and Fred Perry are all synonymous with polo shirts, popular from their conception to today.

If you're looking to add to your collection with a classic polo shirt complete with a unique logo, you can explore our range of organic polo shirt collection on our website. We only use organic cotton because it is better for the environment and better for you. Our polo shirts feature our signature embroidered bear, a symbol associated with respecting nature, people and the planet.


Choose organic, choose the Bear and be proud of what you wear.


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