October 28, 2021

The Men’s Sustainable Accessories Highlight from Absolutely Bear

Looking to complete your sustainable clothing collection? Our men's sustainable accessories are the perfect gift or final flourish to the ultimate sustainable wardrobe.

As experts in ethical men's clothing, we've branched out with a few firm favourites so you can expand your ethical clothing collection.

Explore our top picks for sustainable and organic accessories below.

Organic cotton socks


Comfortable and cosy shouldn’t stop at your feet! Whether you’re lounging around at home, or are on the go and are in need of durable organic cotton socks for everyday wear that are made from high quality, comfortable material, Absolutely Bear have the answer! 

“For men, particularly men working in towns and cities and in offices, dressing formally is often the norm. But for me, I've always enjoyed using socks as a way to bring some fun and enjoyment into your outfit, which is why we were thrilled to introduce our first range of organic cotton socks this year. They bridge the divide between casual and smart, which is what we are always looking to do with our designs.”

Nick Fletcher, Founder of Absolutely Bear

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Organic cotton socks: Key features


Made from durable, comfortable organic materials 

No matter if you’re on the go, or taking it easy at home, comfort is key with the socks you wear, and a high-quality pair of socks can help with circulation and avoid moisture building if you’re on your feet a lot of the day. Our polyamide and organic cotton blend make for comfortable, soft and cosy socks which help to absorb (but not retain) moisture. The polyamide helps retain the stretch in our socks, and are resistant to creasing, making it a durable, strong material that’ll help keep your socks as good as new, wear after wear. What’s more, our socks are made from 75% organic cotton for long-lasting comfort all day. 

Made for long-lasting softness

Organic cotton fibres are naturally far softer than conventional cotton, thanks to the organic production process. The organic cotton production process removes any harsh chemicals and pesticides used in the conventional growing process and reduces water pollution, too. This is good news for the planet and good news for your skin, too, as the cotton retains its natural softness. Organic cotton fibres are naturally more breathable, gentle on your skin and soft to the touch while retaining their durability. 

GOTS accredited 

Our organic cotton socks wouldn’t be worth shouting about if they weren’t GOTS accredited. GOTS is a voluntary accreditation that sets a global standard for the production of organic materials to make sure that environmentally responsible standards are met wherever possible. From production to manufacturing, shipping and labelling, GOTS ensures the right standards are met to ensure a quality product and fair conditions for people and the planet.

Colourful designs 

Our cheerful and colourful designs add a pop of colour to your day. With the classic navy colour keeping your look smart and simple, the contrasting orange makes for a distinctive look to give these socks a little extra. Whether you’re a stripes or spots guy, or you fancy going all out with our bear pattern, our organic cotton socks will bring a smile to your face (without going overboard!) Bring a touch of personality to your look with our cheerful organic cotton socks that can easily be dressed up or down. 

Varied sizing 

One size doesn’t always fit all, which is why our organic cotton socks come in 2 different sizes to ensure maximum comfort. Socks should always be the right fit, especially if you’re on the go, where excess material can bunch up and cause discomfort. Nobody likes a sock that doesn’t fit which is why our two distinct sizes and stretchy material means you’ll be snug with your fitted socks all day long.

Organic cotton beanies

Everyone loves to cosy up in the autumn and winter months, and our Absolutely Bear organic cotton beanie hats can complete any look effortlessly. Our sustainably sourced beanie will keep you nice and warm while completing your look for a cool, casual and cosy look this autumn/winter. 

“Growing up in the Northumbrian countryside, a beanie has always been a must, but you can't escape winter chill in towns and cities either, so we excited to introduce organic cotton beanies to our collection. The double-layer knit will keep you warm, but the organic fabric is also lightweight breathable, making it a versatile style that is equally at home in an urban setting or when visiting the countryside.” 

Nick Fletcher, Founder of Absolutely Bear

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Organic cotton beanies: Key features

Breathable, lightweight fabric 

Featuring our signature embroidered bear, our sustainable beanies feature a double layer knit for extra warmth and are made from lightweight, breathable fabric. This helps keep your head warm, cosy and protected from the elements without retaining the moisture or sweat from wearing a hat all day. 

Made from 100% organic cotton 

Our organic cotton beanies are sustainably sourced, made from 100 % organic cotton and are OSC100 certified. OSC stands for Organic Cotton Standard and is a certification to help determine the quantity and quality of organic material in clothing. This means our ethical beanies are organic certified from processing, to manufacturing, packaging and distribution, using organic materials which ensure fair conditions for the farmers, manufacturers and the planet.

Stylish, smart colours 

Our sustainable beanies come in a variety of staple colours, that will suit any outfit. Easy to pair and style with smarter and more casual outfits, our take on the original beanie features our iconic bear. With a ribbed cotton design for durability, strength and stretch, our ethical beanies will keep you warm all day long and will effortlessly complement your outfit. 

The perfect gift or treat to yourself with autumn/winter, feel good and look good with our sustainable beanies. Be kind to the planet, and kind to your wallet too, thanks to long-lasting, durable, high-quality comfort from Absolutely Bear. 

Have our sustainable accessories inspired you? See also our cotton canvas backpacks, or check out our entire collection of men’s sustainable accessories for more. Join the movement for good with Absolutely Bear. 


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