December 1, 2021

Men’s Sustainable Clothing Highlight: The AB Organic Cotton Sweater

Perfect for the colder winter months, Absolutely Bear are proud to share our updated addition to the collection, the AB Organic cotton sweatshirt. Available in a range of colours, this organic sweater will make the perfect gift or wardrobe staple you’ll reach for again and again.


A word from the creator:

“Crafted from 100% sumptuously soft organic cotton, with a fleecy inside and cut in a premium weight of 300GSM, this sweatshirt is as smart as it is casual. Perfect for teaming with jeans, chinos or shorts, its versatility means it’s sure to become a well-loved, sustainable wardrobe essential. Available in four colours and featuring our signature embroidered Bear, this organic cotton sweatshirt will be with you for years to come.”

  • Nick Fletcher, Founder of Absolutely Bear


AB Organic Cotton Sweater - Key Features 


100% organic certified cotton

Our AB sweater has been crafted with care and made from sustainably sourced materials including organic cotton. This means that every time you wear the bear, not only are you doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint, but you’re supporting ethical practices to help reduce the environmental impact caused by fast fashion. There’s more than one benefit to buying organic cotton clothing, as it also feels a hell of a lot softer.


Kinder to skin and uses less water

Organic cotton clothing maintains the softness of the cotton fibres that haven’t been tampered with, as harmful chemicals and pesticides that speed up the growing process can affect the quality of a garment considerably. Softer and kinder to your skin, using organic cotton fibres ensures a better quality garment that will last longer, and maintain its shape and softness. Plus, organic cotton production uses a staggering 91% less water than conventional cotton, so you’ll truly feel good and look good when you wear the bear.


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GOTS accredited fabric

Our cotton fabric is not only 100% organic but is made from GOTS accredited fabric. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, an organisation that helps vet the quality and sustainability of fabrics on a worldwide level. GOTS tracks the production process from farm to factory to ensure every possible step is taken to reduce the environmental impact of clothing production.  You can read more about sustainable accredited certifications for clothing on our website to learn what to look out for when buying men’s ethical clothing.



Range of versatile colours

Sustainability and style should go hand in hand, which is why we’ve created our organic cotton sweater in four popular colours that can compliment any outfit, whatever look you’re going for. Perfect for layering or a feature item in its own right, choose from black, burgundy, evergreen and navy. Pair our organic sweater with jeans or chinos to complete a smart-casual look, and be in comfort all day thanks to the soft fibres.


Round neckline

Our AB Organic cotton sweatshirt features a round neckline design, making it ideal to layer with a long-sleeved shirt or t-shirt, jacket, blazer or coat. Perfect for smart-casual occasions and a timeless design, crew neck sweaters are a great everyday garment and will become your wardrobe go-to for comfort and style.


300 GSM Premium quality weight

It’s all very well and good saying that our sweaters are 300 GSM, but what does GSM mean? Well, GSM stands for grams per square and refers to the metric used to determine the weight of a piece of fabric. The more grams per square, the better quality the garment is. 300 GSM is a suitable weight and thickness for winter clothing, offering thermal insulation and comfort to help you keep warm whatever you’re up to. Just another reason why our AB organic cotton sweater is a must-have this winter.



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