October 14, 2021

Men’s Sustainable Accessories Highlight: The Cedar Canvas Backpack

Sustainability shouldn’t stop at clothing. At Absolutely Bear, our range of men’s ethical products includes our Cedar canvas backpack, which is made from 100% cotton and is vegan-friendly thanks to its PU leather (artificial leather). 


This ethical backpack avoids using man-made materials and synthetics like polyester for its base material, which can be harmful to the environment due to the energy used to produce man-made materials.


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The Cedar Canvas Backpack from Absolutely Bear 

“The Cedar backpack was one of the first additions to our collection. We were keen to introduce a casual, stylish backpack that was vegan friendly, and would work equally as well on the daily commute with its padded laptop compartment and at the weekend when off visiting nature. We see it as a bridge connecting urbanites between their busy working lives and weekend adventures.”

Nick Fletcher, Founder of Absolutely Bear


The Cedar Canvas Backpack: Key Features


19-litre capacity

The large capacity of this bag makes it a great sustainable bag for those on the go. Whether you commute around the city and need a comfortable, stylish bag that fits in everything you need for the day, or you’re after a sturdy and sustainable backpack for the weekend, this bag has you covered. Ethically sourced accessories don’t need to scrimp on size, and our sustainable backpack is the perfect accessory to blend from weekday to weekend.


Popular colours

Our cotton canvas backpack is available in three popular colours that perfectly complement and blend with most outfits. The smart colours of black, navy and sand are perfect for a smart look that’s appropriate for work. The subtle shades pair well with work suits, winter coats and winter jackets and, if you’re using this at the weekend, will pair well with casual outfits too.



Practical and stylish design

The features such as PU leather straps and drawcord feature make this bag a perfect balance of practicality and style, the ideal, sustainable smart casual bag for all your needs. There’s a padded back panel and base for extra support and comfort, so you don’t need to worry about wear and tear over time. Our backpack has been designed with city folk in mind, making it the ideal backpack for a busy commute that’s comfortable and will last a lifetime. The 19-litre capacity and stylish design mean it’s a great casual backpack for weekends too.


 What’s more, the padded shoulder straps mean that if you’re carting around everything but the kitchen sink, you won’t feel a thing. Our additional grab handle is another feature that makes this backpack easy to transport for those on the go.




Padded laptop compartment compatible up to 14”

This may be our favourite part- a work bag doesn’t need to be boring, which is why our 100% cotton backpack features a laptop compartment that’s padded for protection and can keep your laptop safe and secure if you’re on the go. Save your laptop from being scratched or damaged and avoid unsightly, impractical laptop bags with our integrated laptop compartment a feature in all our backpacks from Absolutely Bear.





Vegan friendly

We absolutely love that our ethical backpacks are also vegan-friendly - we don’t think there’s any need to use leather unnecessarily, which is why our cotton backpacks feature vegan-friendly PU leather. PU leather is artificial leather that offers the same stylish and practical look as leather while completely avoiding using animals. It’s considered a ‘vegan leather’ and those keen to limit the use of animals in clothing can enjoy this backpack safe in the knowledge no animal by-product has been used.


You can shop all three colours of the Cedar ethical backpacks here or discover our entire range of men’s ethical and sustainable accessories here. Feel good and look good, and wear the bear.