October 12, 2021

Ethical Christmas Clothing Guide

For those looking for the best eco-friendly gifts for friends and family, having a sustainable Christmas isn’t as hard as you think. Nowadays you can find plenty of ethical Christmas presents, and that includes clothes. You’ll feel better for it, too, knowing that you’re doing your bit to help the environment and limit the impact you make. Ethically sourced clothing is fairer for everyone, and as an ethical men’s clothing company, we like to champion all companies that think ethically.

That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and found some of the best ethical and sustainable Christmas clothing gifts, so you don’t have to! This ethical clothing guide will have you sorted, and you can treat yourself along the way!




What is sustainable fashion?

How can you shop sustainably?

Ethical clothing brands you should know about

Our favourite ethical clothing bloggers

Absolutely Bear's ethical and sustainable Christmas guide


What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion is fast becoming more and more recognised globally. Shopping sustainably is something shoppers and brands are starting to think about when making purchasing decisions. This movement not only looks at how we can change the materials and textiles used to create garments, but also the working conditions and fair pay for those creating them.

 Recent studies have shown that the fashion industry actually contributes 10% of global carbon emissions. Foundations such as the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which is a registered charity, is campaigning for economic change. They ran a report that highlighted clothes are accountable for half a million tons of non-biodegradable microfibres that are reaching the ocean every single year.

 As a result, fashion brands like Absolutely Bear are working on changes to reduce these carbon emissions and garment waste by using sustainable materials that we can use over and over again. By sourcing organic fibres and using eco-friendly packaging, brands like us are making changes that will change the fashion industry as we know it and provide a positive impact on the planet.

 Let’s face it, we are used to walking along the high street and our favourite shop has a sale on and it’s calling us to go inside! We don’t think twice about it, we go to purchase a bargain in the sale and leave with it in a plastic bag without a second thought. As shoppers, we need to start thinking about ways we can change these habits and learn to shape the environment as well as our wardrobes.


How can you shop sustainably? 

Changing your shopping habits to completely eco-friendly isn’t going to happen overnight. It’s going to take time to get used to the new shopping habits and changing your view on why, when and where you shop. Making small changes now is a great place to start. We have listed below some changes that you can make in order to help.

- Buy clothes made with sustainable fibres. Before purchasing, take a read of the label to see what fibres have been used.

- If buying online, check out the delivery and packaging methods - check to see if the packaging is eco-friendly and/or recycled.

- Consider buying second hand - charity shops & clothes swaps are a great way to buy second hand.

- Do your research - don’t resort to the high street! Find out what brands you can shop sustainably in.

- Ask yourself, do you really need it - we are all tempted to purchase new clothes when we see them but ask yourself, do you really need it?


Ethical clothing brands you should know about

Here at Absolutely Bear, we like to recognise the good movements other fashion brands are taking to help protect the planet and those making our clothing. We all come together to achieve the same goal and to encourage everyone to think about their shopping habits and become more sustainable.

Below we have highlighted some fashion brands that are working towards the same goal as us.

Absolutely Bear

Absolutely Bear’s collection of premium quality ethical clothing is designed for the urban man with an eye for style. Our range is casual yet well-fitting, inspired by British heritage, designed for city-living and made with respect for nature and the planet. From shirts and polo shirts to soft, comfortable hoodies and sweaters, the range also includes our much loved embroidered and graphic men’s sustainable t-shirts, all created using organic cotton. As a member of the 1% For the Planet movement, we also commit to giving back 1% of our annual revenue, not profit to environmental NGO’s. 

Brothers We Stand

A men’s clothing brand set up with the vision to build a wardrobe of stylish and sustainable clothing. They follow 3 standards for every product. 1. Manufacturing respects both the people and the planet. 2. Products look good and perform how they are designed to. 3. The clothes are created to last. Each item of clothing has a label that details its social environmental impact so you have transparency as to how your clothing was made. 

Arthur & Henry

Founded with the belief that every man needs a great shirt - one that has a good design, good for the environment and good for those making them. Designs are inspired by Grandad Henry and Great Grandad Arthur who believed a shirt was something to wear every day and something special to look after. 

Nomads Clothing

Nomad clothing specialises in using natural fibres to make their garments. They are committed to ethical trading practises and want to ensure their clothing lasts. They are also certified members of GOTS, BAFTS and Common Objective. 

Know the Origin

The sustainable fashion brand was created from a tragedy. A garment factory in Bangladesh collapsed in 2013 leaving the founder of Know the Origin asking some big questions. The founder went on to create an ethical clothing brand that took into consideration working environments and fabrics used.

Rapanui Clothing

Rapanui clothing was founded by two brothers who were worried about waste from a young age so the brand was created to solve this problem. All garments are made using natural materials and renewable energy and made with the idea in mind that they are sent back when worn out so they can recover materials and create again.


Creating sustainable clothing since 1988, Komodo are passionate about protecting the planet whilst protecting the planet at the same time. They use premium quality organic, natural and eco friendly materials whilst bringing new innovation fabrics such as recycled PET from plastic bottles.

People Tree 

Award winning social entrepreneur Safia Minney founded People Tree back in 1991 to bring contemporary, versatile, playful and exclusive prints that are inspired by the V&A archives to the fashion industry. The garments are stylish, innovative and affordable but also respecting people and the planet by featuring organic cotton and being compliant with the principles of Fair Trade.

Wearth London

Specialising in not only fashion, Wearth London helps you to make better ethical shopping choices for everything you need to buy from clothing, to homewear to beauty items. Your one stop shop for everything sustainable. They saw it was difficult for people to make more ethical shopping choices so they provided everything you might need in one place.

Cock & Bull Menswear

Committed to creating and developing an ethical clothing company that is based on sound ethical and sustainable business practices. All materials used should be 100% vegetarian. The business considers this practise to be a work in progress to continue the effort to refine the and define the brand as an ethical & sustainable menswear brand.


Our favourite ethical clothing bloggers

We love working with bloggers who share the same sustainable passion as us. We think it’s fantastic that people are writing about their experiences, giving tips on how to become more eco-friendly and providing examples of where you can shop. We have highlighted a selection of bloggers below who would be great to follow in your move to sustainable living. 

1. Literally Nataly | She really likes to make ethical fashion into something glamorous. https://literallynataly.com/

 2. Live Frankly | Live Frankly helps you seek out what brands are sustainable and keeps you up to date on the latest eco-friendly developments. They focus on food, fashion and beauty so you can start shopping sustainably without doing all the research! https://livefrankly.co.uk/

 3. Ruth MacGilp | Her blog posts are truly inspired. She really cares about what we are doing to our environment, and what we can do to change it. https://www.ruthmacgilp.com/blog-list

 4. Less Waste Laura | She encourages ethical buying from workers who are paid a sustainable living wage. She’s also a committed vegan, and so everything that she recommends is cruelty-free. https://www.lesswastelaura.com/

 5. The Woodland Wife | Jessica writes about everything from gardening tips, to slow fashion. She encourages us to reconnect with nature. It seems perfectly natural that if we want to look after our earth, we should be more involved in how it works. https://thewoodlandwife.co.uk/

 6. The Sustainable Edit | Jen is a blogger of the sustainable edit, an award winning sustainable fashion blog. She believes that taking care of our planet needs to take place alongside taking care of ourselves. http://www.thesustainableedit.com/

 7. Conscious Life & Style | Looks to explore ways to create a better, more sustainable and equitable future for fashion — and the world — with resources that support a mindful lifestyle, curations of environmentally and socially-responsible lifestyle brands, and deep dives into systemic challenges in fashion (and beyond) alongside inspirational solutions. https://www.consciouslifeandstyle.com/

 8. Blue Ollis | Blue Ollis is a blog that combines yoga and meditation, with zero waste and slow fashion. She gives really clear advice on a whole range of matters, including how we should be helping our environment. https://www.blueollis.com/

 9. Honestly Mili | She is a fashion blogger for any budget. She understands that sustainable fashion doesn’t always have a reputation as being affordable and has made it her mission to change that point of view. Through her blog posts, you can see that sustainable fashion can be stylish, trendy and cheap. https://www.honestlymili.com/

 10. Moral Fibres | She is a Scottish resident who wants our homes, and our wardrobes to be as ethical as possible. She says that we need to be buying less, not more and really think about what we already have, and what it can be used for, before discarding it. https://moralfibres.co.uk/

 11. Lottie Woods | She is a blogger who created the eco, sustainable fashion and eco-friendly blog for those who love to travel. She shares all her adventures in her really insightful blog. https://www.lottiewoodsdesign.com/blog


Absolutely Bear's ethical and sustainable Christmas guide

Ethical and sustainable knitwear

What better place to kick start the list than with ethical knitwear? Sustainably sourced knitwear will be soft to the touch and kind to your skin and the planet. Whether you’re after an ethical Christmas jumper or just want to stick to ethically made clothing this winter, our top picks for knitwear will get you wanting to fill your own stocking before anyone else!


Absolutely Bear’s ethical knitwear collection


Hockley Oxford Blue 100% lambswool jumper


Absolutely Bear, £90

Our delightfully soft lambswool jumper is the perfect sustainable Christmas jumper that’ll last all winter long. Cosy and classic, this comfortable fitted ethically sourced jumper is made from 100% British spun lambswool. It’s crafted with care for long-lasting softness, the smart navy design is perfect to dress up or down on Christmas day. Easy to pair with Christmas pyjamas for a chilled morning, you can also pair our ethical jumper with smart trousers and for a stylish winter look. 

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Maine cream Breton jumper  

Absolutely Bear, From £50

This classic french-style cream striped sustainable jumper is an absolute staple for winter. A comfortable and stylish fit, our ethically sourced jumper is made from breathable lightweight material and 100% cotton. Our ethical knitwear is made to last, and is the perfect layer for wintery days and festive evenings.

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Carlton Burgundy organic cotton sweater


Absolutely Bear, £60

Our sustainably sourced cotton sweater is made from 85% organic cotton for a soft and luxurious feel that lasts all day long. The recycled polyester makes use of materials that would otherwise go to landfill. If this is a Christmas gift, the recipient will feel all the better for it too! Made from ethically sourced materials, the deep burgundy makes it the perfect ethical and sustainable Christmas gift. Versatile and stylish, it’ll be worn again and again.

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Ethical knitwear for women


100% Merino wool jumper  

People Tree, £129.00 

This organic merino wool jumper is the perfect ethical jumper for her this Christmas. Complete with festive colours, this soft jumper is made from eco-friendly materials and is irresistibly soft. Organic merino wool is an incredibly sustainable and biodegradable material, and this jumper helps to support organic farming, preventing long term, damaging impacts on the environment. Merino wool is a fantastic material for ethically sourced clothing; that’s why it’s used in ethical clothing around the world. 

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Image source: People tree



Wyre sustainable organic jumper

HERD, £345

This incredibly soft sustainable wool jumper is made from sustainably sourced, Bluefaced Leicester sheep wool. Grown and made right here in the UK, it is made from organic materials and has been made using only water, and no harsh chemicals or washing detergents. Tuck into jeans or wear as a layer and this will soon be a winter staple you reach for time and time again. With beautiful softness that will last all day, this ethically sourced sustainable women’s jumper is long-lasting and durable, and perfect to throw on day and night for a cosy look. 

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Reindeer organic wool ethical Christmas jumper

Mountains Handmade, £108

This fisherman style ethical Christmas jumper is perfect to get you into the festive mood.  This handmade organic wool jumper is made from sustainably sourced materials, making it the perfect eco friendly Christmas gift. The natural, super soft material has naturally hypoallergenic properties, and will keep you warm and cosy while also being breathable. Handmade with care, it’s the perfect ethical jumper to get into the holiday spirit. 

Treat yourself this Christmas or treat the women in your life to an ethical Christmas present they’ll instantly fall in love with. 

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Ethical knitwear for kids 


Tootsa Classic Fox Jacquard sustainable knit jumper


Tootsa, £48

This delightful design is perfect for the winter season. Featuring a fox on a green background, this sustainable jumper for kids is a great idea for an ethical Christmas gift. Eco-friendly and ethically sourced, this cheerful design is perfect to wear in the colder months, meaning it can be worn again and again by your little one.

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Image source: Tootsa



Tootsa McGinty Christmas jumper 

Tootsa, £38

This organic kids Christmas jumper is festive and fun, featuring a sweet Christmas tree design that’s perfect for the big day. The perfect ethical Christmas kids jumper for your little one, it’s made from a wool and jacquard cashmere blend, so it’ll be kind on the skin and the environment! Tootsa’s ethical clothing is sourced from factories that are registered with SEDEX (Suppliers Ethical Data Exchange) to ensure that they conform to ethical standards. For ethically made children's wear this Christmas, look no further! 

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The Gigi Hand Knitted Wool & Organic Cotton Jumper

 Bunti, £30 

This hand knitted kids jumper is an ethical take on a classic roll-neck jumper. Handmade and Fair Trade certified, the natural fibres are soft on the skin and naturally keep the warmth in. The chunky knit design and roll neck allow for extra warmth, and the boxy relaxed fit makes it a comfortable jumper that can be worn again and again in the winter months. Kind to the planet and kind to your skin, the strong natural fibres of this organic cotton jumper are durable, long-lasting and beautifully soft. 

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Ethical Coats for Christmas



Ethical coats for men


Navy Bear Warmer 

Absolutely Bear, £75 

PETA Vegan certified, our recycled polyester sustainable gilet is the perfect gift to give this Christmas. Complete with our signature bear, it’s an ideal sustainable Christmas gift. The versatile navy colour and stylish and simple design mean this gilet will go with any outfit, the ideal item to layer up with as we head into the colder months. This ethical bodywarmer is a stylish layer for winter and avoids waste thanks to its ethically sourced materials.  

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Organic cotton bomber jacket 

Cock and Bull menswear, £175 

A sustainable take on a style staple, this ethically sourced organic cotton bomber jacket is the perfect Christmas gift. Stylishly designed for a comfortable fit and timeless look, this ethical jacket is lined with a silk/hemp mix for ultimate comfort. Classy, sustainable and stylish- what’s not to love? 

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Hemp organic denim jacket 

DelIONESCU, £130

This sustainably made ethical denim jacket is GOTS certified, handmade from 100% Hemp. This vegan-friendly ethical jacket’s been made using eco-friendly dyes and crafted with care. As this jacket is not only versatile but long-lasting, you can be kind to your wallet and the planet! The perfect gift for those looking eco- friendly Christmas presents this year, it’s available in a range of colours, making it an easy addition to the present pile. 

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Ethical coats for women


Women’s organic wool coat

Lanius, £317 

This beautifully soft coat features a mottled design, with side pockets and a tie belt for perfect tailoring. The standup collar protects you from the elements in winter and the blend of organic cotton and organic wool leaves a comfortable warm layer for colder days and nights. Available in terracotta brown and midnight blue, this staple ethical coat will be worn with love again and again. Durable and sustainable, it’s the perfect choice if you’re looking to treat your partner to some ethical clothing this Christmas. 

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Women’s merino wool coat 

Arielle, $690 

Made from merino wool and recycled water bottles, this luxury ethical and sustainable women’s coat is the ultimate treat for Christmas. Made from 100% merino wool, undyed and free of chemicals, this coat is also made from vegetarian shearling. Made in a relaxed fit and lined with organic cotton, you can wrap up in style in this ultimate luxury ethical winter coat this Christmas.

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Ethical children’s winter coats 


GOTS kids organic bomber jacket 

The QT, £54

This delightfully stylish organic cotton bomber jacket is made from sustainable materials for the ultimate soft touch and feel. It is 100% organic cotton, and even the zipper is made from recycled PET. Made with no harmful chemicals, it’s an ethical clothing staple and the perfect gift for your little one this Christmas- they’ll never want to take it off! 

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EcoSplash children’s rain jacket

Muddy Puddles, £47

This fun and stylish ethical and sustainable kids rain jacket is made from 100% recycled polyester, with a recycled fleece hood and cost lining. The waterproof coating uses a chemical-free technology, BIONIC-FINISH®ECO natural. What’s more, the delightfully bright and bold raindrop print is easy to spot wherever your explorer is heading. With contrast waterproof zips and reflective qualities, it’s the perfect practical gift for your little adventurer this Christmas. 

                                                                  Buy now

Image source: MuddyPuddles  



Sustainable Socks for Christmas


Is it even Christmas if somebody doesn’t get socks? Our top picks for ethical socks for Christmas features socks that have been crafted with care with ethically sourced materials. Be kind to the environment with your Christmas list this year and check out our favourites below. 


Sustainable socks for him

Stripy Bear organic cotton socks

Absolutely Bear, £10 

Made from soft organic cotton, these ethical and sustainable men’s socks are GOTS accredited. You’ll feel comfortable all day thanks to the ethically sourced materials, and knowing your sustainable Christmas gift has been made with eco-friendly materials will make your gift go a little bit further. 

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Sustainable socks gift set 

Absolutely Bear, £30

Why stop at one? Get stocked up on Christmas socks this year with Absolutely Bear. These organic cotton socks will soon become a firm favourite thanks to the quality of the soft materials. Easy to dress up or down, their versatile design suits work or play. Make your loved one’s day this Christmas with our signature bear! 

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Sustainable socks for her


Scarlet organic socks 


Colorful Standard, £9 


These scarlet red organic socks are wonderfully soft and made from high-quality GOTS organic cotton. Made with care for seamless feel and comfort, these long-lasting sustainable socks are a perfect sustainable Christmas stocking filler. 

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Image source: Colorful standard 





Dash pattern sustainable socks

People Tree, £8

Luxuriously soft, these ethical and sustainable socks are made from 98% GOTS organic cotton. They are guaranteed Fair Trade and approved vegan, making these the perfect eco-friendly clothing gift for Christmas.  

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Women’s ethical bamboo socks 

BWRAP, £7.95 

These delightful ethical socks are a perfect stocking filler this Christmas. These socks will keep your feet cosy and warm through the winter months, and are made with a sustainable bamboo cotton blend. Available in multiple designs, these women’s sustainable socks are great for Christmas day and are soft to the skin, with the breathable bamboo material avoiding uncomfortable itchy feet. 

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Sustainable kids socks 


Organic rainbow socks 

&keep, £4.95

Made from organic cotton, these ethical socks for kids are a perfect cheerful stocking filler. The delightful rainbow design will make these a firm favourite all year long, and the soft, high quality organic cotton is kind to skin and the environment. Eco friendly socks never got cuter than this! 

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Ribbed organic socks

MORI, £17.50

Made from beautifully soft organic cotton, these ethical kids socks are a perfect sustainable  Christmas gift for the little one in your life. Made from eco friendly materials, the soft organic cotton has been made without using pesticides or chemicals, so they’ll be kind to the skin. 

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Handmade dinosaur organic cotton socks

Etsy, £14.99

Made from breathable organic cotton, these sustainable children’s socks are made using ethically sourced materials. Looking out for farmers, workers and the environment, organic cotton production avoids the use of harsh chemicals and pesticides, resulting in fairly made super soft socks. Available in multiple dinosaur designs, these are the perfect ethical stocking filler for the dino lover in your life! 

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Ethical loungewear and dressing gowns for Christmas 


No eco friendly Christmas clothing list is complete without loungewear! It’s what Christmas is all about! Whether you stay in your pyjamas all day, or just want to enjoy Christmas morning in comfort and style, sustainable loungewear is the way forward. 

Eco friendly clothing is perfect to lounge around in, thanks to the super-soft natural fibres of the materials used. Ethically sourced loungewear is particularly great for those with sensitive skin. If you have someone in mind who’d really benefit from some super soft loungewear, then look no further. Here are our top picks for sustainable loungewear this Christmas.  


Ethical loungewear for him


Absolutely Bear organic cotton logo t-shirt 

Absolutely Bear, £30

A perfect staple to wear around the house, our organic cotton navy logo t-shirts are a perfect sustainable Christmas gift. Our manufacturing process uses a staggering 91% less water than other methods. If you want to shop sustainably this Christmas, look no further than Absolutely Bear! Stylish and simple for those lazy days, our ethical t-shirt is the perfect sustainable Christmas staple. 

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 Absolutely Bear, £65
Our own take on a classic hoodie, this burgundy men’s ethical hoodie is the perfect ethical Christmas gift for the man in your life. Effortlessly stylish and cosy, this is the perfect addition to any eco-friendly loungewear collection. The hoodie is made from 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester, so it’s environmentally friendly too! 

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Organic cotton midnight blue lounge pants

noctu, £45

These 100% organic cotton lounge pants are a perfect ethical clothing Christmas gift for him. They’re GOTS certified, which means no nasty chemicals or pesticides were used to make these. They were also made in fair working conditions with fair wages for workers, too. You’ll feel great about shopping sustainably and ethically, and the recipient will fall in love with these super soft organic cotton lounge trousers, an absolute winner on Christmas morning. 

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Image source: Noctu 



Ethical loungewear for her


ZZZ cropped ethical pyjama tee

People Tree, £22


This delightful ethical pyjama top will set the vibes for the day with a snoozy ZZZ  pattern design. Affordable ethical clothing should be at the top of anyone’s Christmas list! Made from GOTS certified organic cotton, this pyjama top will feel luxuriously soft and is perfect for lounging on Christmas morning. 

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Image source: People tree


Grey organic cotton dressing gown robe 

Cotton Organic, £45

This comfy dressing gown robe is made from soft organic cotton, which is kind to your skin and a perfect layer during the winter months. The natural fibres of organic cotton are soft on your skin, and the robe’s lightweight material makes this a piece of ethical clothing you can wear all year round. Made in ethical working conditions, it’s the perfect sustainable Christmas treat for the eco-conscious person in your life. Easy to throw on while you’re getting ready for the day, it’ll soon become a wardrobe staple. 

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Organic cotton pyjama set in Ivory 

AmaElla, £109

For those wanting a little bit of eco friendly luxury on Christmas morning,  look no further! This Ivory ethical pyjama set is made from ethically sourced organic cotton, making it super soft and environmentally friendly. GOTS certified the fabric and trims are OEKO TEX standard 100, too. Free from any harmful chemicals, this ethical pyjama set is perfect for your other half or best friend, and will be worn again and again, not just on Christmas morning! 

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Ethical kids pyjamas


Organic cotton kids bathrobe 

Polarn O Pyret, £36 

This delightfully soft organic cotton bathrobe is perfect to keep your child warm and toasty during the winter months. What better way to open your sustainable Christmas presents on Christmas morning than wrapped up in a super soft robe? The natural cotton fibres are kind to skin, with our ethical dressing gown featuring a practical design for children who are on the move. What’s more,  this robe gives back to the planet as it’s made from only natural materials. 

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Image source: Polarn O Pyret


Dinosaur print ethical pyjamas

Kite, £23 

These brilliant dino-design pyjamas are the perfect present for the dino-lover in your life! Crafted with care from organic cotton, this two-piece ethical kids pyjama set is perfect for Christmas morning. These dino PJs are GOTS certified to be kind to skin and the environment, you’ll struggle to get your child out of these!

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Sustainable ribbed pyjama set 


Made from super-soft stretch organic cotton and bamboo fabric, your little one will love spending Christmas morning in this super comfortable sustainable pyjama set. Available in a set of 2, this is the perfect sustainable Christmas gift to last the rest of the winter. 

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Ethical hats for Christmas


Ethical hats for him


Black organic cotton beanie 

Absolutely Bear, £20 

This cosy, warm and sustainable beanie will help complete any look this winter. Featuring a simple design with a featured embroidered bear, this black organic cotton ethical hat for men can be paired with any outfit. Perfect for family winter walks, or to keep you warm in the city this winter, the lightweight, breathable fabric features a double layer knit for extra warmth.

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Olive green organic cotton beanie 

Absolutely Bear, £20 

This ethical men’s hat is a perfect stocking filler this Christmas. The olive green material is super soft and warm, made from 100% organic cotton so it’s lightweight and breathable. A perfect go-to for chillier days, this ethical beanie features an embroidered bear for a unique take on a classic design. 

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Ethical hats for her

Chunky wool eco-friendly beanie

Etsy, £99

This women’s eco-friendly hat is irresistibly cosy,  made from ethically sourced wool in the UK. Available in several pastel colours, no matter someone’s style, you’ll find the right look for her this Christmas with this perfect ethical gift. 

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Eco-friendly Christmas beanie

Etsy, £26 

This fun rainbow beanie is available in adults and kids size, making it a perfect present for two! The thick, chunky knit ethical beanie is handmade from sustainably sourced wool and features a delightful rainbow pattern complete with bobble. It’ll definitely be the most cheerful ethical Christmas gift you give this winter! 



Ethical hats for kids


100% wool sheep bobble beanie

Etsy, £21

This ethical kid’s beanie features a delightful design and is handmade from 100% wool. If your little one is an animal lover, keep them warm this winter with this perfect sustainable Christmas gift. They’ll be ready for the Christmas day walk long before anyone else with this cheerful and cosy beanie!.

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Handmade merino wool beanie 

Etsy, £26

Made from the beautifully soft fibres of merino wool, this ethically made beanie for kids is a perfect addition to the Christmas list this year. The subtle colours mean it’ll go with any outfit, and will keep your little one cosy and warm whatever they get up to. 

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Ethical and sustainable scarves for Christmas

The perfect stocking filler for an ethical and sustainable Christmas gift! Sustainable scarves will keep you warm in winter, and you can wrap up knowing your scarf has been made from eco-friendly, ethically sourced material. Ethically made clothing doesn’t stop at accessories. Check out our top picks for sustainable scarves for  Christmas below.


Ethical scarves for women


Organic cotton mix scarf 

Armedangels, €58 

A perfect ethical and sustainable Christmas stocking filler, this organic scarf is beautifully soft and supple. Crafted with care and sustainably sourced, this scarf is certainly one for the Christmas list. This 100% organic cotton-wool blend scarf can keep you warm this winter and is kind to the planet, too. 

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Image source: Armedangels


Annie eco cashmere scarf

Komodo, £39

Soft and stylish, this eco-friendly scarf is made from irresistible 100 % cashmere. The mottled grey design pair with other colours with ease, making this a perfect addition to any ethical wardrobe. Wrap up warm this winter with this sustainably sourced scarf. 

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Women’s merino wool cowl scarf 

RockandSaltwater, £30 

Made from 100% organic merino wool, these sustainable scarves are handknitted in Cornwall. Merino wool is a natural fibre grown by Merino sheep, and keeps you insulated, comfortable and protected from the cold. The perfect ethical Christmas gift, this sustainable scarf features a chunky knit design and is the perfect layer this winter. 

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Ethical scarves for men 


Ethical chunky knit scarf

Ethical Market, £75

This ethical chunky knit scarf is a perfect stocking filler for a sustainable Christmas. Its smart design makes it easy to dress up or down to pair with any outfit. This high quality, ethically sourced material will keep you warm, comfortable and cosy whatever you get up to, a must-have chunky yarn organic scarf is the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. The scarf has been handmade and ethically produced using fair working practices.

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Hemp knit ethical scarf

Opera Campi, €48

Woven in Italy, this soft hemp knit scarf is suitable for all seasons, for the perfect ethically sourced Christmas gift. The recipient will wear this scarf all year round and enjoy the luxurious feel of soft 100% organic hemp. What’s not to love?

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Ethical scarves for kids




Breezy neckwarmer

Muddy Puddles, £6 

This lightweight, super soft neckwarmer is perfect for those colder days. The cheerful design is made from soft fleece in a raindrop print and made in an ethical environment. This delightful ethical scarf is a cheerful addition to your little one’s eco-friendly wardrobe, and the ethically sourced materials are kind to the skin, too. 

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Image source: Muddy Puddles


Hand knitted rabbit scarf 

Tootsa, £33

This hand knitted rabbit scarf is dyed with GOTS approved dyes and hand knitted in Great Britain. With organically sourced yarn, this delightful toasty scarf to keep your little one wrapped up and safe from the cold. If you’re on the hunt for eco-friendly clothing your child will wear again and again, look no further than this scarf for a perfect Christmas gift. 

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Ethical gloves for Christmas

Invest in a pair of good quality sustainable gloves this winter for you or your loved one. With plenty of styles, colours and ethical designs made from irresistibly soft natural materials, you’ll wind up wanting to keep them for yourself.  


Ethical gloves for him


Organic Basics, £52
These super-soft cashmere ethical men’s gloves are sustainably sourced and eco-friendly, providing luxurious comfort and warmth all day long. Perfect for those winter months, these ethical and sustainable cashmere gloves are made to last, and the beautifully soft material will leave you feeling cosy and protected from the cold whatever you’re up to. Saving 20 litres of water and 11g of waste prevented, these are the perfect eco-friendly Christmas gloves to give this season.


Image source: Organic Basics

Recycled Bennett gloves

Krotchet Kids International, $28 

Fairtrade certified and made from recycled polyester, these smart ethical and sustainable men’s gloves are a perfect ethical Christmas gift for him.  Half mittens, half gloves, their design features technology-friendly material for smartphone use. Useful, comfortable and stylish, they make the perfect ethical Christmas gift. 

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Ethical gloves for her


New Day woollen gloves

Ten Thousand Villages, $34.99 

These delightful ethical and sustainable women’s gloves are a perfect Christmas gift for the woman in your life. The cheerful colours and mitten design make them a stylish accompaniment to a winter wardrobe. Handcrafted in Nepal, the gloves are Fair Trade accredited and crafted in fair working conditions. 

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Organic wool gloves

MountainsHandmade, £30 

Made using only natural materials like organic sheep wool, these ethical wool gloves use handspun wool, with the goats and sheep treated with care and love with roaming fields. The natural production reduced water consumption and energy, leaving you with a beautifully soft pair of high-quality organic gloves for winter.

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Ethical kid’s gloves


Kid’s lambswool mittens

Catherine Tough, £22

These cheerful lambswool mittens are wonderfully soft and crafted from ethical materials. The merino lambswool helps to keep your little one soft and snug, and the bright colours make these a great sustainable gift for Christmas. Bright and colourful and made from sustainably sourced materials, your little one won’t want to take them off. 

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Image source: Catherine Tough


Navy Warm 2-in-1 kid’s gloves

Polarn O. Pyret, £11.20 

These super-soft organic cotton gloves are made from organic cotton, making them eco-friendly and soft on your skin, too. They have been crafted with care from sustainably sourced materials and come in multiple colours. Featuring a mitten design for a fingerless gloves option, they’re an ideal ethical Christmas gift for whatever the weather. 

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Ethical Christmas Underwear


You can’t go wrong with a few sustainable basics. If you’re looking for an ideal stocking filler, but want to make sure you’re being eco-friendly this Christmas, check out our top picks for ethical underwear below.  


Ethical men’s underwear


VATTER boxer shorts 


This Christmassy pattern will make you feel extra coordinated for Christmas day. With a festive feel and long-lasting comfort, these boxer shorts are made from GOTS accredited 100% organic cotton. 

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Image source: VATTER



Ocean Life 100 % cotton boxers

By Nature, £27.95

This twin pack of sustainable organic cotton boxers is made from 100% organic cotton, which means no harsh chemicals were used in the production process. Kind to your skin and kind to the environment, stock up on this ethical wardrobe staple or give a perfect sustainable stocking filler.  

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Ethical women’s underwear


Mid rise sustainable briefs 

WORON, £22

These sustainable briefs are made for comfort, and the mid-rise design makes them great for everyday wear. These briefs are made from an ethically sourced material called modal, which is a beachwood pulp fibre. With no harmful impact on the planet, these sustainable women’s briefs make for super-soft wear, and you can get a matching bra too - what’s not to love? 

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Red organic cotton seamless knickers

AmaElla, £25

These beautifully comfortable organic cotton knickers are designed for long-lasting, super-soft comfort all day long. Featured here in a bright and cheerful strawberry red, these organic cotton mid-rise knickers are made from high-quality GOTS cotton from Austria that is resistant to bobbling over time. 


Ethical trousers for Christmas


Ethical men’s trousers


Zero waste sustainable men’s jeans 

ELV Denim, £255 

Using only discarded denim and a fraction of water normally used to make jeans, these sustainable men’s jeans feature a straight leg design, with the entire collection designed and made in East London. Minimising their carbon footprint even further, ELV denim uses carbon neutral shipping on all orders. 

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Image source: ELV Denim


Men’s bamboo trousers

BAM bamboo clothing, £75

Made from a durable heavyweight stretch twill, these ethical trousers are made from organic cotton and bamboo. Saving over 700 days of drinking water and avoiding 9.3km of emissions, these ethical trousers put the planet first but don’t compromise on style. Designed for endurance, they’re an ethical Christmas gift that keeps on giving. 

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Mull organic cotton jeans

Brothers We Stand, £130

Made from a recycled cotton-organic cotton mix, these long-lasting organic cotton jeans are made with comfort and mind. Sturdy and sustainable, these will soon become a wardrobe staple, all the while limiting fabric waste by using recycled cotton. Kind to the environment and kind on your pocket, these jeans will be enjoyed for years and are GOTS certified. 

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Ethical women’s trousers


Ethical women’s jeans 

ELV Denim, £255

These straight-leg sustainable black jeans are designed and manufactured in East London, and are made with zero waste thanks to sustainable materials they use. All their jeans are made from discarded denim, which means there’s no waste when you buy them. What’s more, their stylish fit and timeless design will mean you’ll reach for these again and again, and what colour is more timeless than black? With carbon-neutral shipping and 0.01 % of water used compared to traditional methods, they’re the perfect sustainable gift for the jean lover in your life.  

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100% recycled wide leg fitted trousers

nu- in, £44 

These flowy high waisted trousers are made from 100 % recycled materials. Their neutral stone colour and flattering shape are a modern twist on traditional trousers, and will soon become a favourite staple piece. Made from a mix of recycled cotton and polyester, no waste was produced making these sustainable trousers, and they come in biodegradable packaging, too. Upcycling never looked so good. 

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Organic cotton corduroy trousers 

People Tree, £85.50

These relaxed corduroy trousers are made from 100% organic cotton, which makes them soft and breathable for everyday wear. Produced to have a reduced impact on the environment, these organic trousers are made using sustainable methods and are vegan and Fair Trade certified. The soft material and deep colour make them perfect for dressing up on Christmas day, and they can be enjoyed all winter long thanks to their versatile style and design.

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Ethical Slippers for Christmas


Ethical Christmas slippers for men


Charcoal men’s sustainable Christmas slippers  

Gumbies, £35

The perfect sustainable gift for Christmas, these slippers recover a whopping 1kg of ocean-bound plastic, and use recycled rubber and naturally derived Castor beans. Perfect for the eco-conscious among us, these eco-friendly slippers are certainly top of our Christmas list! 

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Image source: Gumbies


Unisex felted wool slippers 

The Natural Slipper Shop, £44

Fair Trade certified and made in Nepal, these sustainable felted wool slippers are handmade by artisans and dyed using eco-friendly colours. What’s more, they’re temperature regulating and naturally insulate without losing their breathable comfort. They’d make anyone’s wish list! 

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Ethical Christmas slippers for women


Sustainable Moccasin mules 

The Small Home, £48

These traditionally made mules are made using environmentally friendly methods, meaning they don’t involve any chemicals in the production process. The sheepskin slippers use off-cuts from Rolls Royce car interiors meaning no materials are wasted, and what’s more, they’re sent to you in recycled paper with a recycled cotton bag for safekeeping. Social responsibility has been considered every step of the way; and they look great, too!

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Image source: The Small Home 


Sea blue Felted wool slippers

Egos, The Natural Slipper Shop, £36.95

These delightful felted wool slippers are crafted by sustainable means using 100 % New Zealand wool, which is dyed with eco-friendly colours. Available in numerous colours, whoever you’re buying these for, you’re sure to find a pair that suits them. They’re super comfy too, as they mould to the shape of your foot. Kind to sensitive skin as well as the environment, they’re the perfect sustainable gift to give this Christmas. 

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Ethical children’s slippers


PO.P Stripe Moccasin Slipper Socks

Polarn O Pyret, £14.40 

A sustainable take on the traditional Swedish slipper, these moccasin ethical slipper socks have been made from GOTS organic fabric. Available in different colours with an anti-slip feature, your little one won’t want to take them off. For those who need to upgrade their child’s footwear without unnecessary impact on the environment, look no further! Kind on your skin and kind to the planet, these ethical slippers follow certification standards to ensure better conditions for farmers, so everybody is happy! 

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Türnberg sustainable kids slippers

Giesswein, £27 

These sturdy slippers feature natural rubber and are made using a premium 100% natural virgin wool that adapts perfectly to the foot. With a practical design, this delightful little slipper comes in an array of colour options and feature an anti-slip sole, perfect for when your little one is on the move and exploring.

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Image source: Türnberg




We hope this ethical Christmas clothing guide has got you inspired with stocking fillers and festive treats this year. Ethical shopping doesn’t stop at Christmas! Having a sustainable Christmas isn’t as hard as you think, and little by little we can all do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint. 

How we shop is a part of that, and we can play a vital role in protecting our planet for future generations. You can read more about our pledge to sustainability on our website, or head to our blog for more insight into how we’re doing our bit to reduce our environmental impact.




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