September 21, 2021

Sustainable t-shirts for those on a budget: Our top picks

Sometimes, the word ‘sustainability can make people think of hefty price tags. Ethical and sustainable clothing will always cost a little more, and this is because of the sustainable methods used to make the clothes. It can seem there’s no option for those on a budget, who want to do their bit and shop sustainably. This isn’t the case! There are plenty of ways you can still shop ethically without blowing your budget. It’s more about changing your mindset, and thinking about how you shop, and, of course, where you shop!

Ethical clothing companies will always sell their clothes at a fair price. This is because ethical companies meet trading standards and certifications that protect the livelihoods of people making the products, as well as the environment. The reason you end up paying a little more for sustainable clothing is that it reflects the real cost of the garment when it is made ethically, using eco-friendly methods.


Aspen marine blue organic cotton t-shirt 

Our Aspen marine blue organic cotton sustainable t-shirt will soon become a wardrobe staple. Featuring bright colours and a stylish fit, the soft fibres of organic cotton are smooth on your skin for all-day comfort. All our sustainable t-shirts utilise GOTS certified fabric and feature our signature embroidered bear.

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Aspen navy organic cotton t-shirt


Our Aspen navy organic cotton sustainable t-shirt is a classic design, in a timeless colour. Navy is ideal for casual-smart occasions and can be paired with comfies even for a chill day. No matter what you’re up to, the soft fibres of organic cotton will mean you’re comfortable all day. Our breathable cotton t-shirt features our iconic embroidered bear in a contrast red, adding a touch of individuality to a classic look.

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Organic cotton white logo t-shirt 


Keep cool, calm and collected in our white logo sustainable t-shirt. A perfect t-shirt to throw on no matter what you’re up to, the white colour will pair well with jeans or chinos for a chilled out look. Just like the rest of our sustainable t-shirts, our white sustainable t-shirt features our iconic bear logo and is cut from GOTS certified fabric.


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Aspen black organic cotton t-shirt


You can’t go wrong with black. That’s why our Aspen black organic sustainable t-shirt is a must-have for any wardrobe. Easy to pair with any outfit, day or night, our sustainable t-shirts are PETA vegan certified and machine washable, so completely hassle-free.


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Navy all-rounder bear organic cotton t-shirt 


Our navy blue organic cotton t-shirt with a geometric design is a must-have staple for your wardrobe whatever the weather. The smart colour will go with most outfits and what’s more, our sustainable t-shirts are made in association with the Fair Wear Foundation. Using 91% less water than traditional clothing production, complete your sustainable t-shirt collection with Absolutely Bear.


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What are sustainable t-shirts?

Sustainable t-shirts have been made using sustainable methods and processes. This means that at every part of the production process, eco-friendly methods are used, and people are treated fairly and looked after.

Sustainable t-shirts are made from sustainable materials, such as organic cotton. This means that no harsh chemicals are used on the crops that grow the cotton and that the plant has been grown completely organically. In addition to the materials being produced organically, the clothing is made in factories offering fair wages and fair conditions for their employees. These are the standards that need to be met for clothing to be sustainable, which results in comfortable, high-quality clothing that has been produced and manufactured to the highest of standards.

You can read more about Absolutely Bear’s pledge to sustainability here, and explore our entire collection of sustainable clothing here