February 8, 2022

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him

Love is in the air, or in our case, love is in the bear.

That’s right, Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Let’s face it, red roses and chocolates aren’t really on everyone’s wish list these days, so it’s essential to decide on a gift that will really mean something.



Men’s sustainable clothing is on the rise. Why? Because people are beginning to realise just how important it is to care for our planet. Our organic fabrics look after the earth just as much as they will look after your beau, so he can feel like he's making a difference whilst enjoying beautiful, high quality, soft and durable clothing that will last.


You know your partner best. We’ve popped down some brilliant gift suggestions for all kinds of BearFolk so that you can find the perfect match for him. We guarantee he’ll fall head over heels for them.






For the adventurer - A sustainable backpack


Men’s rucksacks can come in all shapes and sizes, but finding the perfect sustainable backpack in the UK can take hours of scrolling. Luckily we’ve got you covered. Our Canvas Backpacks have a brilliant padded section for your laptop, plus a cushioned back panel and straps for ultimate comfort. If your partner loves to go out on adventures or just needs an ethical backpack for work, this is the gift for him. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to pack a picnic on Valentine’s Day.






Man wearing green organic cotton hoodie

For the comfort king - An organic cotton hoodie


If he’s someone who’s always looking for the ultimate in comfy clothing, our ethical hoodies are the way forward. The premium organic cotton allows breathability and gives a softness that you’ll want to snuggle up to. Most importantly, they last. Each one is machine washable and has a high thread count meaning you're getting the best quality. Our signature bear is our little stamp on this marvellous piece of ethical clothing because we’re as proud as can be of it.






Man wearing black organic cotton beanie and checked shirt 

For the nature buff - A black organic cotton beanie hat


Let’s think about versatility here. Going for a walk? Beanie. Heading out for a hike? Beanie. Just popping to the park? Beanie. The organic cotton beanie is a staple for anyone who loves the outdoors. It’s simple, soft and has a double layer knit that will keep you warm no matter how lost in the woods you get. Black is classic and goes with everything, so this is a romantic winner for any outdoor explorer.






Man wearing red organic cotton checked shirt


For the workaholic - A sustainable check shirt


More people are returning to the office since lockdowns have eased, so it’s time to spruce up a bit. Tracksuit bottoms sadly won’t cut it anymore. But you can still be comfortable and look smart with our Alba Check shirts. Embroidered men’s shirts are a must for any wardrobe but can often be too in your face for work environments. So we’ve popped our signature embroidered bear on the sleeve, giving an extra detail that makes this shirt truly unique. The benefits of organic cotton shirts are countless, with extra breathability, comfort and quality. Is he still working from home? Layered with a t-shirt, they can be casual for any occasion. Even a hot date.






Man wearing red organic cotton polo shirt


For the hopeless romantic - A red organic polo shirt


Roses are red… and so is our striking ethical polo shirt. This is a bold item for any romantic out there and is a brilliant way to show off the excitement of Valentine’s Day. What’s more? It happens to be on sale too. The premium quality of all of our polo shirts is something we pride ourselves in. The soft organic cotton combined with this vibrant pop of colour is finished off with our embroidered bear. Whoever said romance is dead?






Men wearing red and blue organic cotton hoodies


For the indecisive one - A gift voucher


If you know your partner will want to choose for themselves, this is the best option for you. Our gift cards are available at £30, £50, £70 and £100, so it gives you ultimate flexibility. If he loves men’s sustainable clothing then give him the gift of the Bear. After all, half the fun is finding the right piece.






Caring for him is caring for the planet


No matter what gift you decide on, all of our products have a distinct message. We at Absolutely Bear want to help change the world for the better through accessible men’s sustainable clothing. Through buying with us, you’re helping us do that, one organic clothing item at a time, so love really is in the bear.


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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him

Love is in the air, or in our case, love is in the bear.That’s right, Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Let’s face it, red roses and chocolates aren’t really on everyone’s wish list these days, so it’s essential...


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