September 8, 2021


We like to make a fuss about the importance of organic cotton here at Absolutely Bear.  The sustainable landscape is a growing one, and part of our core philosophy.  Seeing as it plays such an important part of who we are and our story, we thought it about time we fill you in on this much loved source of all our clothing. It’s all very well and good adding some great additions to your wardrobe (don’t let us stop you!) but it’s also great to know just how much that choice is helping the planet.

So, to that end, what is organic cotton, and what are its benefits? Get to grips on the basics below, and learn about the positive impact buying organically can have on the natural world. 



What makes organic cotton?


Organic cotton production uses innovation and science to ensure that an ethical approach is taken with the growing, picking and production of products. Organic cotton production considers the wider, far more damaging environmental impact that regular cotton growing can have. 

Those who make, sell and buy organic clothing are making an active choice that goes far beyond the piece of clothing they’ve bought, and their choice means that cotton farmers have access to better working environments where the growing process is not rushed, but respected. The ecosystem where the cotton is grown is allowed to flourish and becomes more balanced. 

Respecting and nurturing the natural world has never been more important, and the steps and everyday decisions you make can make a vital difference to help preserve the planet. Organic clothing has traceability and tells a story, not only that, it is in fact a far higher quality product. It is softer, hypoallergenic, is stronger and therefore lasts longer, and is sustainable. Everyone’s winning!


Why is Organic Cotton Better?


Organic cotton is a great choice to make, whether that’s for your clothing or other lifestyle choices. You may be not only wondering what is organic cotton, but why exactly is organic cotton better? The reasons are simple enough. When companies use organic cotton, it results in better quality material and better clothing overall because of how it is made. Unlike regular cotton production, there are regulations and processes in organic cotton production that ensure that all aspects of production have a minimal negative impact on the environment, workers, and final product. Lovely stuff.


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What’s the difference between cotton and organic cotton?


In regular cotton production, often pesticides are used to manage pest control, and toxic chemicals are used in the growing process. Although these mean that the cotton is growing as fast and as large as possible, it actually has pretty harmful results. By ’cutting corners’ on the natural growing process in this way, not only is the cotton plant affected but so is the immediate environment and biodiversity in the area the cotton is grown. The toxic and harsh chemicals and pesticides can also damage the health of the farmers who work the fields and pick the cotton. Many people may not even realise how damaging regular cotton can be, and, once you do know, it makes far more sense to do your bit, doesn't it? The great thing is, it’s not hard to get involved with the movement of people who are keen to make a difference. Supporting the organic cotton industry doesn’t take much, just some simple changes in the way you buy. Easy! 

Unlike regular cotton, organic cotton production removes all the harmful processes mentioned earlier. That’s great news for the workers and farmers, who are able to work in a safer environment without daily exposure to harsh chemicals. That means less impact on the environment, better working conditions for the farmers, and softer, stronger cotton. It’s also great news for the lucky so-and-so wearing the product (you guys!), as it means that the cotton quality is far better than regular cotton. 

Organic cotton production also uses less machinery throughout the manufacturing process. Often, machinery working at fast speeds is used to pick cotton that isn’t organically produced. This can have a  damaging impact on the cotton itself, as this automated process can cause damage to the cotton fibres. With normal or regular cotton, the growing process is vastly tampered with, with otherwise natural processes sped up through the use of chemicals. These chemicals can enter the water supply and surrounding environments, bringing imbalance to the surrounding ecosystem. This rushed growing process affects the quality, and therefore softness of the cotton fibres that have been genetically modified due to the use of artificial solutions and pesticides. Although this results in more productive output, the negative implications far outweigh the positives! Pesticides can affect the soil and water, damaging the natural resources in the process and bringing imbalance to the existing ecosystem that was there long before the fields were.



Benefits of organic cotton


Growing cotton using the most regular methods means that such damaging chemicals and methods are removed from the process. Growing cotton organically, in comparison, preserves every purity in the fibre. Clothing made from this cotton is comfier, with softer, more durable, longer fibres because little to no fibre is damaged in the picking process, Weakened and broken fibres can mean the final product, that is to say, a cotton sweatshirt or jumper is harsher on the skin. 

This brings us to yet another reason why organic cotton is better. It is far better for your skin! The harsh chemicals can cause allergic reactions, as residue can still remain on the final product. 

In a nutshell, organic cotton:

- Uses less water and energy

- Results in cleaner air

- Uses cleaner water

Delve a little deeper: Why not read this guide, which looks a little further into the top 3 reasons why we use organic cotton


Paws for thought…


Every organic purchase can bring influence and change in others, who too, can realise the many benefits of buying organic cotton can bring. 


Buying organically has purchasing power! Through choosing to buy organically, you’ve made a powerful and positive impact. It doesn’t stop at organic clothing either. Whether it's clothes, towels, footwear, or other personal items…..  by buying organically, you are joining the growing number of people that are caring for the world and giving back with their purchase.  

Companies that manufacture and sell organic products are adding to the rapidly growing movement of environmentally conscious companies, that we’re more than happy to be a part of. Great quality clothing can still be made while respecting and nurturing the natural world, and organic cotton stands for this principle. 

Want to learn more about our organic cotton collection? Check out our organic cotton sweatshirts and our organic clothing range here. You can keep up to date with our blog, or get in touch with us! Whatever your query, we’re here to help.