September 16, 2021

Work from Home Wardrobe for Men

Whether you like it or not, some of us are still working from home! Absolutely Bear thought it was about time we put together this handy little guide to help you WFH in style.


How has working from home changed our work wardrobe?


Covid has brought a plethora of changes to our lives! The commute to the kitchen table is much easier, but there are no more excuses for being late and you might be making a few more trips to the fridge than usual!

One thing that has taken a considerable turn is our fashion choice. Gone are the days of corporate dress codes and we have welcomed a new relaxed fashion with open arms. But, just because meetings take place from home on Zoom, it doesn’t mean we don’t have to feel and look good.


Staple working from home pieces 

Polo Shirts are a perfect combination of comfort and smartness. They have the relaxation of a t-shirt but give you more of a refined look. It’s almost as if it was made for your WFH wardrobe.

- Staple t-shirts, in a variety of colours. Versatile, stylish and easy. You can layer up with a checked shirt, hoodie, or pull on a sweater when it gets cold. As you will be wearing them non-stop, it’s so important to invest in good quality items that fit well.

- Joggers – ye old faithful. Who knew 2020 was that year you could start wearing joggers to work! The dream.

- Shirt for layering. Our flannel style Alba Checked Shirts are as cosy as your pyjamas.

- Stylish organic cotton socks with a twist of Bear and a hint of flair to help you find your inner Bear strength.


Smarter WFH outfits for an interview or meeting

Dress codes are not totally a thing of the past, there is still an expectation to be making an effort. A few simple pieces in your wardrobe can be your go-to for looking slick.


What to wear for a virtual interview


The beauty of a virtual interview is that only your upper half will be on show – meaning you can still be comfortable below if you choose. Our Oxford Blue Organic Cotton shirts are well suited to the occasion. We’ve taken the classic Oxford shirt and given it our own unique, sustainable twist. Cut from certified organic cotton, the Oxford Blue brings together the comfort of a casual shirt, with the cut of a smarter one.


What to wear for a virtual meeting


Virtual meetings aren’t a formal occasion like an interview – but we still need to be looking clean and neat and ready for action. Nothing says lazy like messy hair and untrimmed beards! In the summer, polo shirts are perfect for this occasion, you can maintain a standard yet remain comfortable. In the winter, layer up with a hoodie or sweatshirt.



Ways to wear a hoodie: 

- You could partner with something on top, for example, one of our men's bodywarmers for extra cosiness! It’s literally like being given a bear hug all day.

- Other layering options include a denim jacket. Blue denim works really well with a range of colours, especially grey. This can be rounded off with white trainers.

- Add a leather jacket for a slightly edgier look. Rounded off perfectly with slim-cut jeans and black boots.

- Hoodies go really well with jeans, any cut will work, and it doesn’t really matter as long as the colours complement each other. Black goes with everything, so if one of the items is black, you know you are doing something right.


Ways to Wear a sweatshirt:

- Smarten it up with a blazer on top for a smart urban look. It’s casual yet sharp, and you remain professional and put together while being comfy and warm.

- Sweatshirts are perfect for layering, just like hoodies so add on a shacked or a checked shirt.

Featured: Elm Woodland Grey Organic Cotton Hoodie


Shoes to wear with a sweatshirt


- Pretty much any shoes will work with sweaters, depending on the look you are going for. They are versatile so if you want to smarten up the look, choose your shoe wisely.

- For nicer occasions opt for a smarter, boat shoe. Even though this won’t always be seen on zoom, it’s good to have a completed look.



We truly believe in supporting slow fashion and are huge advocates of buying high-quality items that are made to last, over quantities of cheaper, low-quality items. At Absolutely Bear we use organic cotton because it’s grown without the use of pesticides. The chemicals are retained in the production process of regular cotton can make a dryer, itchier fabric. Organic cotton also uses 97% less water than conventional cotton, so you are doing your bit for the planet too. It’s important to invest in timeless and versatile designs made of durable materials that eco-friendly and sustainable.

Read more about why we love organic cotton here.


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