Absolutely Bear is a London based ethical fashion and charitable clothing label that brings together the best of urban lifestyle clothing with an appreciation of all things Bear. Merging style and comfort with a sense of humour, we create great clothing that you look forward to wearing and don’t want to take off.
Our designs are influenced by a generation of thinkers, who not only appreciate what they wear, but also what it means to wear it and where it comes from. The Bear is a symbol that represents a generation of people who want to be part of helping make the community and world in which they live, a better place.
We hope to offer you something different from the normal high street fashion labels, because we are creating a brand, with your help, that puts giving at it's core and aims to raise awareness of important social issues. It is our firm belief that business has a fundamental responsibility to make a positive contribution to society and we are committed to doing this through in part, the revenue we generate. 
If you want to buy quality, well designed clothing but also know your money is going to a brand that you can trust to do something good, then we hope you’ll choose to come on a journey with us.





It is vital to us that Absolutely Bear embodies the essential elements that make up and define ethical and sustainable fashion fashion in terms of the design, production and retail. That’s why our suppliers are members of the Fair Wear Foundation, an independent, non-profit organisation that works with companies and factories to improve labour conditions for garment workers.
Where possible our garments are made using renewable energy sources and are made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton and tencel.
But we believe in more than just the traditional definition of ethical fashion, because for us it’s about more than just producing sustainable clothing in an ethical way, it’s about giving back to the wider community in which we live and trying to have a positive impact on the world by improving the lives of vulnerable people and animals. We hope to achieve this through our partnerships with two fantastic charities, BECOME and The Born Free Foundation.
If you share our vision for ethical fashion in the 21st century, then join us and WEAR SOMETHING THAT MATTERS




Our reason for starting a business was to create a sustainable clothing brand that we could have some fun with and that could also have a positive impact on society and hopefully help some people in the process. So we set up an ethical fashion label called Absolutely Bear, to do just that.
So why Absolutely Bear? Well, as we lay in the park, doing one of our favorite pastimes – people watching, we saw lots and lots of people walking past us with different images emblazoned and embroidered on their clothing, and it got us thinking, what do these symbols mean to the different people who wear them and could we create a symbol of our own that represented the values that we believe in.
We felt the answer was yes and Absolutely Bear was born.
For us the Bear is a symbol which represents: Strength, Respect and Caring. These are the values that drive everything we do at Absolutely Bear and it is why we set up The Bear Fund.
Through The Bear Fund we give 10% of all our profits to our two charity partners, BECOME and The Born Free Foundation


We believe that each individual has an identity, which is in part based on their choices, and we hope people choose to affiliate themselves with our brand because they share our values and, like the Bear, they just love looking good – we call it effortless style!  

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